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  • 4.0 Harmonic Balancer bolt rotation - clockwise or counter?

    I am about to change the Harmonic Balancer on my '89 XJ 4.0, rubber hanging out of it. Does the center bolt that holds the balancer on the crank loosen clockwise or counter clockwise?

    Also, any suggestions on how to keep the crank from turning while I loosen and re-torque the bolt? The repair manual says to put bolts in two of the three small holes on the balancer and put a prybar between them and against the frame. I read a post on another forum where someone said all that does is bend the two bolts.

    FYI: For anyone who is going to do this, if you buy the balancer from Chrysler (the dealer) you will have to take off the timing chain cover and remove the oil slinger inside, they updated the balancer. To avoid having to do this get an aftermarket exact replacement balancer.

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    use an air ratchet to take it off. all you have to do is pull the trigger. it's normal lefty loosey/righty tighty threads.

    any pulley puller will take it off if it has anchor points that are 180 from each other (across). there's also balance installers that do not require you to anchor anything until the final twist. if you use grade 8 you will not bend them.

    if you're near me i have the tools.