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  • female bathroom etiquette...

    Okay guys, what do you think about this one? Last weekend The Blonde One and I take Myrtle down to Folly Beach. We decide to hit one of the local watering holes and after a few cold ones I feel the urge in a rather powerful way. I stroll back to where the bathrooms are and the men’s room is occupied. I’m standing there and this little cutie walks up with this ‘I’m about to die’ look on her face. I say, ‘Gotta go, huh?’ She squints and shakes her head in a vigorous, ‘Gotta go yesterday,’ kinda way. About this time the man in the men’s room vacates and being the consummate Southern Gentleman I say, ‘I’ll watch for you if you want to go in there.’ She says, ‘You serious?’ I say, ‘Yep, but the offer ain’t gonna stand all night, I’m about to wet my pants.’ So, she ducks in and takes the usual five minute female leak and thanks me on the way out. Well, when I get in the can I see that the woman has LEFT THE SEAT DOWN. I go, ‘Well, the GALL…’ On the way back to my table I see said cutie at the bar with her buds and she has her back turned. I stop, tap her on the shoulder and when she turns I say, ‘That was NOT a very polite thing to do.’ She’s got ‘deer in the head lights’ and says, ‘What?’ I said, ‘It is TOTALLY impolite to leave the seat down in the men’s bathroom like that.’ Well, her crowd cracked up and as I walked away I heard some guy yelling at her about leaving the seat down in the men’s room and her trying to defend herself.

    Was I within my rights as one who stands to pee and what would you guys have done?

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    I think you did fine.

    Although my usual response to females that complain about me leaving the seat up is "it has a hinge on it, use it"


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      That depends

      Originally posted by blackwater
      the consummate Southern Gentleman ..... one who stands to pee ...
      As the one who stands to Pee I would have said something to her.
      As the consummate Southern Gentleman I would not have.

      The difference between these two, in my case, is solely based on how much alcohol I have consumed.


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        If your gonna go there.... then go there... yes you were within your rights.. but if you were intent on embarasing her... as you turned to walk away.. you should have added... "...AND FLUSH NEXT TIME!!!"


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          Well within your rights. and thats just a funny story.


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            Where the heck you been, man!

            The whole 'seat thing' was all done in good fun, guys. I just couldn't resist the unbelievable opportunity...


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              Originally posted by Ueland
              "...AND FLUSH NEXT TIME!!!"
              That woulda kicked a$$


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                I've always told gals that I can either leave it up and dry or down and wet.