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  • Motor Question?????

    Hi,I have a 92 Jeep Cherokee with the 4.0 high output.It has a nasty leak from the rear main :x .How hard is that going to be to fix?Will I have to pull the motor or drop the tranny?


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    Man... sounds like a total loss... I'll tell you what. I'll take the entire jeep off your hands for 50 bucks

    but realy, the parts are cheap the labor kills. some people try to do a quick fix with RTV, but its better to replace the seal. Definately a few hours of work if your doin it yourself.


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      I thought it would be a chore.But what I need to know is em I going to have to drop the tranny or pull the motor to do this?I wish I paid $50 for it.I just bought it about 4 weeks ago for $3,000 and now thi crap.


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        HAHAHHAHAA...I have the same problem, Im presently fixing it..WITHOUT PULLING THE TRANI OR ENGINE!!!..Here is what you do, you buy a rear oil seal...HAS TO BE THE TWO HALF MOON PEACES.. you then drain the oil, remove the oil pan, take off the steering stablizer, undo the track bar where it mounts on the axle, undo the exhaust pipe by the oil pan (thats the only spot you gota undo it) then remove the crank(some of this stuff you gota remove the passenger side front wheel to do) and make sure its high in the air on jacks, it really helps! The only problem is puting in the oil seal, you kinda gota slip it into a small spot (My jeep is siting in the driveway with no oil pan on it, and in many peaces waiting for me to finish puting in the seal, then puting it all back togeather). you have to remove the engine or trani if you get the one peace seal, but if its the two peace, its two days work? (thats how much its taking me...and I had to stop because of the rain, so instead I cleaned out the oil pan and painted it, because it was looking yucky) I know the differences between the non HO and the HO isnt enough to make this process any different. I just bought a jeep, with the same problem (tho it was only one of its problems) and I asked arround, and I found this one guy who did it before..and explained how to do it, he did it in his automatic 1990 4L limited xj, its really easy!!!! time to smile man, you saved yourself alot of work!


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          Well alright thanks alot.When I first noticed the leak I thought it was coming from the oil pan so replaced it.When that didn't work I crawled back under there and thats when I seen here it was leaking from.Well it looks like it's time to get dirty and have some fun.Thanks again for help.

          Keep on Jeepin


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            some of the problems I had was puting the oil pan seal on, get a friend to hold the oil pan when you put it back on...and dont put your jack stands on the axle, put them on the frame, and let the axle then you have more room to fit the oil pan out, and back in of course. make sure you know where what bolts go where (long ones, normal ones, fat ones) I was lucky, I could just look at one of my dads two engines siting in the shed to see where the bolts go. make sure everything is clean before you start. What I did was scraped off most of the oily stuff...the really thick ucky stuff, I then sprayed it with engine degreaser..I used two spray cans of it... (I had oil all the way back to the transfercase) then hose it off...using lots of water to make sure its all cleaned off...then use a compresor and a air gun to dry the whole area, so you can start on working on it...i found it best to spray some from under the hood, but most of it was while under the car...which isnt to hard if you have a creaper and your car is high enough in the air...If you have any more questions or problems email me at