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  • Installing a kill switch

    I am thinking of installing a kill switch wired to the ground of the starter using a foot switch tucked up against the firewall. Any experience with this? I dont want to have something on the dash or a toggle under the dash, I figure it is the first place they would look. Any tips and or watch-outs would be helpful.


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    Old vehicles had a floor switch for the starter. The previous owner put in a conventional keyed system in the CJ5 I'm restoring. I'm returning the switch to the floor, near the firewall, because most people who steal vehicles are too young know about it.

    Turn the key to run and mash the floor mounted button to start while thieves try and figure out a conventional keyed system they're accoustomed to.

    Or, you can interrupt the normal key to start wiring through the floor switch you'd have to turn the key and mash the floor switch. This way you can avoid sending wires through the firewall.

    Consider using the wiring for the solenoid instead of heavier wiring to drive the starter.

    Or, Sears has a die-hard battery with a remote kill switch like your car alarm. Hit the button on your key ring and the battery won't provide any power. Would-be thieves would need to bring their own battery which indicates a real shift in the level of effort to steal your ride.
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      Red, that is where I got the idea, actually my dad gave me the idea for the floor switch for the same reasons you mention. I would like to keep the install and operation of it simple. I would like to interup the ground to the starter and avoid messing with wires in the column just for simplicity. Also, I dont intend on using it every time I leave the vehicle somewhere, so to have to use the floor switch, clutch and gas all at once could get complicated, especially for my wife who may drive it in the summer on rare occasions. Anything you have to add with these added details?

      Thanks for the reply.


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        Use a relay inline to the starter solinoid.
        Then mount a push button on your seat frame.


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          I think we're saying the same thing a couple of ways. The starter motor takes quite a bit of amperage to turn the engine over at speed, this takes some hefty wires. The solution is to use smaller wires with lots less amperage to energize an electromagnet (the solenoid), to make the heavy connection between the battery and starter motor. Most starters use the starter body, bolted to the engine, bolted to the frame, as ground.

          Another system uses the solenoid to pull the starter motor's gear forward (or rearward) while concurrently connecting the battery to the motor.

          Find the wire at the base of your steering column that goes to the solenoid. A wiring diagram will tell you the color code of the wire, or you can look at the color of the wire coming off the solenoid, try and find it at the base of the steering column, (check for continuity[trace wires twice, cut splice once]), cut it, use butt splices and appropriate wire to a single pull single throw toggle switch mounted anywhere you want and it will leave the circuit that operates the starter solenoid open until you close it. This allows you to leave the circuit in normal mode, key switch to start/run for days, weeks, months, ... and can be switched off so the key switch to start makes it look like the vehicle has starter/solenoid/battery trouble when you want anti theft.

          You can configure push to operate buttons, you can eliminate the keyed switch completely from the base of the steering column to lone switches you know about, or, you can wire a series of switches in a specific sequence with lights and bells so it looks like you're a B-52 pilot starting eight engines.

          Or, in other words, you send the electricity from the keyed switch to start on a detour through any mechanism you want.
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            Other Idea:

            Hey, Iwired in a relay that will only energize when you turn on say, the heater,or radio,or parking lights...etc...this way you turn on the whatever you used to energize the relay then and only then can you start the vehicle, you can usually do all this under the dash and everything looks normal, no extra switches etc....if you are confused on how to do this, call me sometime and I will explain Thanks, good luck....Ron, 610-488-6129, Pennsylvania.