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  • Spring Hanger & Shackle Alignment Tech Question

    I am in the process of welding a Advanced Frame Works CJ7 frame kit right now and have noticed a dimensional issue I hope someone else might cast some light on. My stock frame has the following measurements center to center.

    Front end:
    27.5" front shackle
    27.5" differential spring perch
    27" front main spring hanger (notice 1/4" out of alignment on each leaf)

    Rear end:
    36" rear main spring hanger
    36" rear differential spring perch
    35.75" rear shackle (notice 1/8" out of alignment on each leaf)

    Before I finish welding the suspension points on I really want to know if anyone has experience here. I can correct the matter but first I want to see if anyone has a claim why jeep did this. Or is my original frame faulty?
    I am still trying to as Advanced Frame Works this question but getting someone to respond via email or get them on the phone has proven to be difficult.

    Any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.

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    Are you using YJ springs? I would be interested in this as well. Ever since I put YJ springs on, my front shackles have been spread out. I measured and the perches are at 27 1/2 but the springs at the spring hangers are at 27. I know the spring hangers are wide enough for YJ springs but maybe I need special bushings that do not hold the spring in the center of the hanger. I will need a new frame in the future so keep us posted as to how things go.


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      Decision close to made

      I have not yet gotten any acutal feedback from anyone but after thinking it through I think I have a reason jeep has the leaf springs "pinch" in. If you think about it if they were in perfect alignment with the vehicle at rest the necessary tolerances would cause the drive train to shift under the jeep during turns. With the springs already in tension the drive train would feel solid.

      Basically I am going with the original jeep dimensions with this assumption and since at least someone else has verifiied the same dimension I feel better going with it. Thanks 83greencj7! Like you I noticed before I disassembled my jeep that the rear shackles were spread out a little.

      On a side note I really do like my new frame, but don't expect any assistance from afw! Measure the old frame and verify all dimensions from different points on the frame. If you do a kit I could tell you more on what I have done to make it a cleaner setup. (The weldnuts they expect you to use for the front shackles and tranny mount is a little messy looking)



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        I worked on the front of mine last night and the springs are now parallel and they are 27 1/2 apart front to back. I took the rear of the spring loose and cut off the bushing flush with the spring on the outside. I put spacers on the inside to hold the spring against the spring hanger. My shackles are now straight up and down and the axle is in the center of the frame. Maybe somebody makes a special bushing so the spring stays to the outside. I know a lot of guys put YJ springs on their CJ's. I wonder what they do?