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  • New to Forum/paperwork problem

    Hey. I just wanted to let ya'll know I'm new to this forum and fairly new to Jeeps. I own an 81 CJ7 and a 79 CJ7. I'm re-building the 81 and from time to time I'm probably going to ask for some help. Hopefully soon I'll have some pictures to post for everyone to see. In the mean time I do have a question.

    My 79 CJ has a slight problem. I bought it for $50 and it runs pretty good. The problem is that I don't have paperwork for it. I was going to use it for parts but thought about fixing it. Is there a legal way to get paperwork on an old vehicle? Anyone have some advice the lemmie know. Thanks

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    Don't know about NY but in Idaho it is fairly easy. Go to the DMV with your VIN number and have them look up the legal owner. Sometimes if you are really sweet they will give you the PO's address and you can have the PO request a duplicate title and sign it over to you. This can be dangerous if the vehicle was ever reported stolen or if the PO gets a hair up his but and won't work with you.

    May also be worth it to find out about abandoned vehicle laws and procedures, sometimes just not registering a vehicle constitutes abandoning it and you can request a title that way.


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      If ya have a friend that is a mechanic.. or better yet owns a garage or some type of automotive/boat/trailer/whatever business you can ask them to put a mechanics lean on it. It can take a while, like month or two, but once it's done it's yours. (i've always wondered if that somehow ends up on the previous owner's credit or something?)

      You also 'may' be able to just ask any old mechanic/shop to do it... the smaller and sleazier the better.

      But most likely just go to the DMV and check it out.


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        There are also a couple companies that for a fee will register a vehicle for you (I beleive in Mass. or TX) and then send you the title. There are a few states that only require a bill of sale to register a vehicle older than a certain age. Do a few searches for Title services, and you should find something.


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          Originally posted by EvilTwin v2
          There are a few states that only require a bill of sale to register a vehicle older than a certain age.

          georgia was this way when i lived there. the stolen vehicle meca of the southeast. people would steal cars, write them selves a bill of sale/reciept, get the georgia title and then take that title to another state and have it titled there.

          where did you get the parts vehicle? also, if you know a cop, they can run a VIN for you.


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            Gee, how to explain....

            See, here's the problem. As far as I know the VIN number is put on the dash board...well, the dash is pretty rotted and basically the vin went bye bye. Is there any other way to figure out the VIN? I post this only cuz I figure since the parts Jeep is in good shape I'd give it to my step-dad.

            I got it from a friend of a friend. He was gonna buy it only for the windshield but since he knew I needed more parts then him he let me buy it.

            Got another question too: I was looking in my JCW Catalog and was wondering if there was a way to fudge a steel half door? Just wondering, cuz I don't like the idea of cloth ones. Thanks


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              Look on the front of the firewall (engine compartment) under or around the steering column. There may be an additional tag pop rivited on there .....


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                bonded title

                I am a MGR at a used car lot. Ya, a used car salesman. In AZ you can obtain a bonded title. Call your dmv and ask. I do not know how nice your cj is but it may be worth doing it in another state if yours cant git it done. You may have to get some paper work any how just to get rid or the thing. Talk to a junk yard in your state, I would think they run into this all the time.


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                  Caring01, how funny, I'm in Mesa, and am in the middle of a bonded title project.

                  I made an appointment with MVD to have my CJ5 inspected, (there is a copy of the serial number on the frame as well) they came to my home because the vehicle was in-op.

                  Then they ran the VIN through NCIC,

                  Then I sent a registered letter to the seller (via general delivery),

                  Then I wait fifteen days for no reply to the letter nobody is going to ask for,

                  Then I take the returned (unopened) registered letter to MVD to prove I tried to contact the seller,

                  Then I get a bond for the blue book value of the Jeep,

                  Then I get a title,

                  Then I apply for the vanity plate "REDZCJ5",

                  Then I go put-put-put down the road,

                  Then some drunk slams her gigantic Suburban into my restored CJ5 totaling it only to find out she didn't have insurance and plans on suing me anyhow.