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  • Questions regarding driveshafts

    we just completed putting a chevy 350/turbo 350 into our 72 CJ5,and as expected,both driveshafts are in need of modification. i've checked around the area and some of the places say they both need to be balanced while others say it doesn't matter since they're both so short. any insights from the group on this matter?

    also,when measuring for length,should the shaft be fully compressed or extended somewhat to allow for u-joint replacement in the future?

    one more thing-how extreme does the rear driveshaft angle have to be before we need a cv type driveshaft? i've heard that 20 degrees is about the maximum shaft angle and that if it's over that we can shim the rear axle up to 6 degrees with shims to bring it under the max without having to use the cv driveshaft.

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    on the front shaft, you may have to notch your tranny pan to allow it to pass by. this is common and will not hurt anything. just grind it out and weld in a new piece, or have a welding shop do it. you're may not need it, but any other i've actually seen with that combo has needed it.

    on shafts, if the shop will guarantee it w/o balancing then don't balance it, otherwise i would. i don't know how far you are from the drive line shop, but consider towing it there. that way if a mistake is made it's their responsibility, not yours.