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  • not ready in advance

    I am having a terrible tme with the local parts store. first i went there and ordered a clutch kit. wrong pressure plate, even after they asked me which style it was. then when that one came in, they ordered a different one, that one was wrong. then the third time was the charm, or so i thought. put the third one in, its a borg and beck kind, and put everything back together to find a terrible noise. frustrated, i took everything apart to find that the three levers on my pressure plate were hitting the back of the clutch disc when i pushed the clutch in. got my money back and ordered one from napa. anyone had this happen, or did i do something wrong? I had the disc facing the right way, but the center section was a bit thicker than my old one, but it came in kit to it should be okay. just want to know if i was right to use the f word in the store. taking a long time to do just because of lack of being able to get parts......grrr

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    I have had problems with getting wrong parts. This happens often, sometimes too often. Over many years of buying parts I have found that you need to get to know your local parts people well. Find out how much they know and how much they are willing to learn to help you out. A good parts store can make your life a dream, a bad one, as you found out, can make your life hell.
    Now, what you can do to get a better parts place:
    First: try to bring the part in with you. This is important as jeeps used some parts that might just vary a little over the years, when they have the part they can see the differences.
    Second: Use a name brand store or chain. I like NAPA, if I am in a town I don't know I look for a NAPA first and an Autozone second. I use a parts place that is a local place, they are a Federated Parts store. These guys know me, they should I was in there at least once a week getting parts for my jeeps. Untill you can get to know your local parts store and find out how good they are, use a name brand store.
    Third: Always have several places to get parts. Shop around, sometimes Advanced Auto might have that strange part but AutoZone will not.

    Hope that helps.
    Oh, and only use the Fword when you don't plan to go back again......


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      i wish you could charge them for the problems with wrong parts. i had to replace an oil pump in my truck once. they sold me a bad pump so i got to replace it twice. thing is, i had to buy new gaskets and such to. plus, to remove the pan, you have to lift the engine. was the last time i bought anything from advanced auto.


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        I had the same problem finding the right clutch pressure plate and disk for my 85 CJ7. It's got a small block chevy motor and other parts from who-knows-where. It had a cpp from what appeared to be a Ford but the odd thing was it was a 10" disk. That was an odd combo. 10.5" and 11" disks are more typical.

        NAPA was great about trying different options with me. You really do have to bring the parts in with you. Long story short I ended up sending the whole thing out to be rebuilt. Ended up with a rebuilt cpp, new bearing and a 10.5" disk. It's more expensive going this route but at least I know everything would fit -- and it did.

        Hope this helps.


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          Sorry Guys, but I have to defend Advance Auto Parts. Im My town (Zanesville, OH) its the place to go, the guys at Autozone dont know crap, and Napa never has anything I need along with restricted hours.
          It all comes down to the Employees, I know all the guys and gals at Advanced and they treat me right.