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  • Another brake question

    I was replacing the front brake hoses and decided it was time to do the rear also. Low and behold, where the hose attaches, very rusted and unable to remove without breaking the line that comes from the Master Cylinder. What are my options? I guess run a new line from the MC and fitting it for the new rear hose? The line isn't leaking or anything, but it looks worn and slightly rotted.

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    Mine looked the same,but, what I did was unclip the clip holding the hose and line on the x-member.I then undid the 2 lines from the "T" block. I turned the hose instead of the nut on the steel line, which I held with vice grips. Worked pretty good, just took my time and would loosen a little, turn it towards tight, loosen a little more,etc. and it finally came off. Turned the new hose on and put 'er all back together.



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      are you talking about the trunk line from the portioning valve to the rear hose or the lines from the MC to the protioning valve? either way i guess one way to get them off is to PB Blast them and then get a brake flairing tool. use it to hold the brake line so it doesn't twist when you're wrenching on the fitting and try some heat to. be advised, you're probably still going to have to replace the lines if they're that bad. so....i would just cut the lines near the MC so the fittings are easy to get out, and then get new lines and fittings and start bending tubes. you can get a whole spool of tubing at napa for like $25.


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        Why mess around. It's your brakes, Just buy a $5 bender and some brake line. A flare tool isn't priced too bad either. It's easier to start new the try to cobble the old. Even if you have any dought, change it out. Then your lines are good for 10 or 20 yrs. Long as you don't break'em like I did. In about 2hrs I had all new lines ran and hooked up. Bleeding them was a while longer, but worth it!