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  • Another Weber Question

    I just finished rebuilding the I-6 258 in my 81 CJ-7. Have about 250 miles on the new engine. My problem is I can't get it to idle right. Seemed fine before the rebuild. I know the obvious problem is a vacuum leak somewhere. I checked as good as I can. It idles rough and surges. When I have the air filter off and look down into the carb I can see fuel dripping out of one of the nozzles ( not sure if that's the correct term). It's just one of them that's dripping. I don't think this is supposed to happen. Could it be that the carb has gotten gummed up from sitting(about 4 months)? Or maybe the float is too high? Any help would be appreciated. It's driving me crazy.

    Right now I'm running carb cleaner in the fuel.


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    hm, id say a carb rebuild is in order.


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      Hey Climbtothebeet... I'm running the same carb(weber 38/3. It only has about 400-500 miles on it. It was sitting there for a while though. Guess I'll go ahead and tear it down. I've never done this before. Any tips before I start?


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        My 38/38 drips a little bit at idle too... but it idles very well. I'd look at something else maybe before rebuilding it.

        I'd say; vacuum leak, timing, idle screw less than 1 turn out, rejet (i had to put smaller idle jet on passenger side), set fuel bowl level (mine was high, and stumbled, reset it and it's great now).