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  • shock recommendations?

    I'm looking for shock absorber recommendations...

    Current ones I am considering...

    Rubicon Express Mono Tube (set of 4 - $185)
    Doetsch DT 3000 (set of 4 - $125)
    ProComp ES9000 (set of 4 - $150)

    I am looking for a decent on road ride (not too stiff) yet not loosing too much performance off road.

    Any opinions on these... or any other recommendations?

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    RE shocks

    I've got a set of never mounted monotubes I would sell. The only thing is they're not real tall. How much lift do you have?


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      will be 4" to 4.5" when I mount these


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        I was looking at the Rancho RSX gas shock for mine. I don't know much about them, but the "special" deal at 4WD is you buy 3, get one free, in the latest catalog. Anybody have any likes / dislikes about these??
        (I don't mean to hijack your thread, but responses might help us both.)


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          I love my Rancho 9000 adjustables
          Definitely worth the extra bux.


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            Originally posted by lynn
            I love my Rancho 9000 adjustables
            Definitely worth the extra bux.
            You are talking about the RS9000X right?
            I love mine for street driving but I can't take them out on the trails because of the lift I have.
            How do you like yours for off road handling?


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              Mine are older, 5-position knob type. The newer 9000 series has 9 positions, I think.

              For the offroading I do, I prefer to set mine on 1, lightest setting. This allows my suspension to flex alot. Some guys like to go with the firmest setting for offroad, with the idea that it keeps the tire in contact with the ground.
              For me, all that does is give me a harsh ride; doesn't add to my ability to keep my wheels on the ground.
              For my usually slow trail crawling, but sometimes needing to power up long hillsides of loose stuff, the #1 position gives me good flex but yet good rebound control.


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                I ran the RS9000 for 3 years of hard off roading before I finally bent them too much.. they did good for me

                I just got some new RX9000 or whatever the new rancho is



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                  Yep was a bit of a hijack since the Rancho RS9000X Shocks (at least the ones that 4WD sells) will not fit my 4.5" lift... but that's cool. Maybe I could get them from somewhere else that would be long enough... just hadn't really searched since they were significantly more expensive than what I was planning on spending.

                  So anyway... I am about to get the Rubicon Express monotubes... anybody know anything about these? These seem to fit the bill for what I need. Just wondering if anybody has had any first hand experience (pro or con).


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                    I ran the DT's on my 79 CJ5 and loved them...they behaved great offroad and were great on the pavement...

                    They're what I'm going to be putting on my 7 when it gets some much needed attention this summer...


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                      I run the RS9000X's you just have to messure the collapsed and extended length and then go on Rancho's web site and match them up. Also if you call the manufacturer of the lift they will prolly have the correct part # for you. I know Rubicon Express had them for me when i did my last lift. Also think about Bilstien shocks they are awsome.


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                        RE monotube experience

                        This isn't the type of experience you're looking for, but here's my exp. with the RE shocks. I ordered the 2.5 " lift with "free" shocks and payed extra (like 50 bucks or so) to upgrade the shocks from Doetsch tech to RE monotubes. The distributor said it was like comparing a Toyota Camry to a Lexus (the DT's to the monotubes). So of course I upgrade, but the monotubes were on backorder and when RE finally did ship them they were too short, They wouldn't even mount in fully extended position on my CJ. I called their tech support to tell them they sent the wrong shocks and the rep said let it settle for 48 - 72 hours. Their tech must have measured from the old shock mount on the axle when measuring for the length of those monotubes for the 2.5 " CJ lift. The lift kit comes with heavy duty spring pads that provide new lower shock mount on front and rear. Anyway I still have a set of brand new RE monotubes for 2.5" of lift on a CJ. They look really cool.