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  • '77 CJ7 Vent & Fuel Filler Neck Issue

    Hey all I need some suggestions on a problem with the vent line setup on my '77 CJ7. It appears that Jeep really screwed up the '77 by running the vent line to the outside fenderwell and then tieing into the filler neck on that side, rather then strait in on the tank side. I am not a Jeep expert, but it apears they became aware of the problem and corrected it in '78. The problem is that because of the bend to make the turn in the fenderwell, it kinks the line and makes it a very frustrating problem refueling the vehicle.
    Here is the problem, every magazine, Quadratec, 4wdhdw, Acme, etc all get this part from the same vendor and it is made to the original OEM specs rather than a corrected version. If you look at the picture in the mags it looks correct, but the part arrives wrong (not as pictured). I ordered one from 4wdhdw and they told me they can't get the vendor to correct it.
    Anyone know where I can get a different filler neck that will fit? Or another suggestion?

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    I'm not sure if they changed between 77 and 78 but both of the hoses have a 90 degree bend in them on mine which lines em up with the filler neck. If you aren't using the oem hoses that might be the problem. Sorry if I am way off here..... you might try posting some pics for clarity.


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      Filler Neck

      Dear JSCHIEF,

      I'm not sure I understand your question but I had trouble filling the tank on my '77 after I installed a larger aftermarket tank. The problem was definitely a kink due to the bend you're referring to. I shortened the hose so that it would pull up further both at the tank end and the filler neck end. This didn't take all the kink out but it alleviated a great deal of my trouble. As a matter of fact, I had forgotten about it until I read your question. BE CAREFUL not to shorten the hose too much. Hope this helps you.


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        My 77 has always been tricky to fill. Once you find the 'sweet spot' i dont have a problem filling up. I got two cj5 hoses and tried to fab up my own deal, but still couldnt get rid of a sharp bend. I managed to get the vent line on the inside though, but it still doesnt help all the fuel sloshes around in that #*#_# bend..

        I have a glass tub and was thinking of going to a side fill so it could pour straight in...easy cut, easy patch of the old hole...

        I have heard of guys getting necks out of vans and huge boats like the grand marquis that have longer more flexible hoses...


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          Thanks Guys for the suggestions. Looks like I am up the creek. Zak, I know what you mean about the sweet spot. I was suprised to hear that moving it to the inside didn't help much, that sucks, you ruined my day! I was so hopeing that would fix the problem. Thank You again for the insite. I guess it's a good thing they changed it in '78. I have a buddy that hauls junk cars to the scrap yard so I'll see if he can find me something. Guess I'll try something else, when I figure out something I'll let you know.
          Thanks Again Guys.


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            I went thru this exact same thing...even returned a filler hose because the vent hole was on the wrong side (outboard).

            Funny thing is that the 'Jeep' fuel tank diagram shows the vent hose entering on the inboard side.

            I just bought a complete assy (my was completeley missing) that was on the outboard side (like you are seeing). I think that somone originally created a whole bunch of filler hoses that were wrong (vent hose on the outboard side - furthest from the tank) so instead of making new hoses they just made a curved vent hose that wraps around the back.

            George at swears he has the right one (someone actually interpretted the drawing correctly?). He may be able to help you.