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  • dash design advice

    I'll try to keep this help question as short as I can. My dash is starting from ZERO, meaning the only thing I have is the fuse box in the fire wall. All wiring is being replaced. It is going to have manual switches to make things happen, lights, back up lights, acc plug, fog lights, tunes, wiper, squirts, directionals, horn button, and I think that should do it. I plan on a terminal block with 12V to each switch plus a block for ground. One question is would it be best to run all to relays to keep switch wire size down (thinking 18G is OK) then a heavier wire from relay to draw? Relays have me a bit confused but if I get single pole single throw in 20 AMP would that work far any of my draws?

    I am also replacing the key in the column to (for now) a key in the dash to start, looking into a push button start as a later upgrade.

    I have 6 of the Ultra light 2-1/16" guages and if you have them you know they are very hard to see if flat in the dash. The simple solution is the offset ring bezel to angle them up, works good I guess. Last night I just thought about maybe angling the entire dash up to create the same thing. Can you see any drawbacks to doing this?

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    By angling the dash up from the bottom, it means you would have to move it forward. THat might cause it to be a knee knocker?


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      I had thought of speedo and tach in a gauge pod mounted to the steering column. Build it out of either muffler pipe or pvc pipe, could be kinda cool.

      I found a pic once of a really neat custom CJ dash...I'll try to find it again for you.

      I think an angled dash could be sweet. Just have to redesign the dimensions a bit for knee clearance as NOCHEEP said.

      You will need to watch your clearance around the heater ducting behind the dash. I moved the stock gauges on my CJ and had to modify the duct for clearance.


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        Duplicate post. Mods: please delete?
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          Here's a link Rixcj posted in my dash design poll. Thought it might be of interrtest to you.


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            As I recall Mikey(1Tuffcj) had a pretty bad instrument cluster. Couldnt find the post. Try to PM 1tuffcj to get the pics. He built an awesome ride.


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              Originally posted by NOCHEEPGAS View Post
              Here's a link Rixcj posted in my dash design poll. Thought it might be of interrtest to you.
              NCG, I see the knee knock with some trials over the week end. I would have to cut the lower section quite high to avoid it.

              The angled pod looks sharp. This is a tough call on what to do, only want to do it once. I guess back to the drawing board if I can find some more carboard.