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  • Lift and 33's

    Hey guys,

    What's the general lift needed to run 33's. I don't want any rubs but don't want to be too high that the typical CJ sways are too bad. I currently run 31's with a heavy duty 1 1/2 in. shackel lift. The height is about fine with me but seems like 33's (or possibly 32's) are the most popular tire size. Street and light trails are about all I see any more in the ole' Jeep. (Got an XR400R to get me in the real dirt when I need that rush.)

    On that note - how many of you ride dirt bikes or street bikes. Seems Jeeps and motorcycles kind of go hand in hand. I ride a '97 XR400r and an "01 FZ1 (not at the same time usually!)

    Thanks for any advice. I've been a by stander on this forum for a while and you guys have great ideas/advice. I look forward to joining in more topics in the near future.

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    If you do a search of the forum you will see alot of good info. I am planning on putting on a RE 2.5 and am looking into putting on a shackle reverse system (2' lift) for a total of 4.5 inch lift. The SRS is made by full traction. This should get me plenty of room to fit 33's.


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      I'll let others worry about the lift/tires part (my opinions on such differ from others' anyway).

      Now on to the good stuff, bikes.
      I push around an old OLD 81 KZ750 on the street (hey... it's my first bike and was free, runs like a champ).

      I got about 3500 saved up for a quad, looking at yamaha 660 raptor. I've tooled around on them before, and though way to powerful for me currently... it'll give me something that i won't get bored with day after purchase. Decent quad to buy? ( i have no clue about quads obviously)


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        I'm running 2.5" lift & 33's, and I only rub on the worst of trails (fully flexed suspension). I did put some lift shackles on the front to correct the rake - I have a heavy V8. Before I knew I had a lift, I was thinking the Black Diamond 3" and some 33's would go pretty good.


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          [QUOTE=artee]Hey guys,

          On that note - how many of you ride dirt bikes or street bikes.

          I do! I do! '98 Honda Valkyrie Tourer (for the lady) '99 Ducati 900SS (for me) It does seem that riders/jeepers have a need for an occasional adrenalin fix.


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            On that note - how many of you ride dirt bikes or street bikes.
            I wish I wish!!! Naw, I think I'm gonna buy one this summer. Raptor is a good choice for sport bikes. My dad just bought a brute force 750 kawasaki. It'll eat a 440ex for lunch. It actually gave a YFZ 450 a run for it's money. Pretty impressive for a 600 pound 4X4. If that thing was about 300 pounds lighter, nothing could beat it.

            I don't want to spend a ton of money on a quad, so I may wind up shoehorning an XR650 motor into a 400ex chassis. I just have to find a 400ex that's blown up. Anybody know where I could find one?


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              Originally posted by 79cj7duner
              ....... I just have to find a 400ex that's blown up. Anybody know where I could find one?
              Forums are a great thing. I would get on a forum for it and watch there. You might just find someone with one.


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                Thanks for the responses on the lift - I agree 2.5-3 in is about the right height for 33's. At some point, too high of a lift makes even 33's look a little small.

                Bikes - YEA!!! This is my passion. I'm into the dirt bikes but the 4 wheelers these days are badd *** too. The Raptor and the Kawi seem to be the front runners now. The Honda and Yama are great machines but I have heard the motors need some dependability help. The 450's are based off the supercross motors and you would be shocked at the break down and rebuild intervals for valves, cams, lifters, etc. It is rediculously low. I ride a fairly modified XR400R (yes it's still a little heavy) but scoots me through hare scrambles and aggressive woods riding just fine. It takes a little upper body strength to muscle it around but riden smoothly, it'll move on. On the street it's a FZ1 (which is nothing but serious adrenalin between your legs). Hey - we all have to get our fix, right!!!

                My Jeep's a slow work in progress. It's an 84 CJ7 with the 258 I6. 36/38 Weber carb, 1 1/2 HD shackles, 15x10 aluminum Eagle modulars (Mickey Thompson replicas) and 31 AT's (soon to be 33 MT's). (I know 31's on 10's??)

                This forum is awesome - tons of info and I appreciate it all.

                As the saying goes - time to pin it, WFO!


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                  If your gonna run 33's i'd go with a 4" lift. If you go with a 2.5", in 6 months you'll wish you went with a 4" lift. As for bikes, in high school and the Air Force I rode a GSXR750. All tweeted. One too many wheel stands, because of jacka**'s in cars so I sold it. If I got another one it would be a Ducati. I got a Polaris 300 explore 4x4. Don't laugh I paid $500 for it and it runs like a raped Ape.


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                    2 1/2" or more will fit those 33's just fine on a cj. I'd personally go with 4", but that's just me.

                    As far as bikes, I'm currently between dirtbikes. I've been through my share of quads (mostly 250 2-strokes), had a couple RM 125's, a CR250, and most recently a KLR650. As for street, I currently own a 2002 Suzuki TLR 1000 & a Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad. Both are for sale & I'll either be getting a Valkyrie Interstate or an Adventure Tourer (V-Strom, Tiger, GS1200, etc).