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    My '83 CJ7 has all new brake parts except for prop valve and rotors and drums. Everything else is new. Last winter it had little braking power. Pedal feels fine, just won't stop. When I drug this thing out of the woods the rotors and drums were pretty rusted. I didn't replace them at the time because I wanted to make sure that it was going to run and drive before I wasted money on a luxery like new drums and rotors (who needs brakes anyway). Now, it has been sitting around all summer waiting to be put into winter service. I took it for a road test I have a red light camera ticket. Not because I didn't know about the camera, or because I was trying to run the light, I was STANDING on the brakes. So, my question is: Drums and rotors? or Prop valve? Everything else is new. I think all 4 brakes are working. Doesn't pull to one side...doesn't stop either.

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    If you have an air die grinder with a scuffing pad, sand off the surface rust on the rotors and drums, then take some sand paper to the pad and shoes. Now you will have new, clean surfaces for the componants to mate.

    Make sure your drums are adjusted properly (should have a slight drag to them) and try to collapse the ft brake calipers a little to see if they are froze in place and need replacing.


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      The rust pits are way too deep to just sand out. So, I just finished replacing them. Also, found out that they are inboard-mount. Meaning the wheel bearings have to come out to change them. Oh well, it is done now on the front. After only 3 or 4 stops, they are doing better than before. I think after a little use the pads will seat in and be ever better. The rear drums will be here tomorrow.