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  • t150 is out wait for the t176

    Well my t150 is out and I am now rebuilding the t-176.
    does the t176 use the same bell housing , but a different clutch. what clutch is recommended.

    will I have to shorten my driveshafts.

    how has many people done the sheet metal work for the shifter change?

    sorry about so many ?'s but I am stressed for time. help me out.

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    My brother has been doing the same swap over the past week. He ordered the shifter boot and plate from an 82 model. He also got the 82 model skid and slotted the holes to fit his 79. It does use a different clutch. The center hole in the clutch for the 176 is 1/16" larger(1 1/8"). We got the clutch from a local supply shop. Upgraded to an 11 inch heavy duty. Rear drive shaft needs shortened roughly 3 inches, front drive shaft need extended roughly 3 inches. Take your on measurements to make sure they are the correct length. Best advice I could give you is take your time and be patient.

    It also uses a different stabilizer bar.


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      Yes, great information, I did notice the 1/16" larger center hole. from using a caliper. the look of the input shaft pilot are also 2 different sizes. but both are 10spline, what part numbers did you use for the clutch assembly? My bell housing has a small crack, so I am think about using this bell housing
      Just not sure if I have to use a spacer, the t150 vs the t176 are different lengths
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        Since I got the clutch from a local supplier I don't have a part #. They rebuild in house. I did call around and all the local parts stores in my area had the correct clutch. I told them I needed the pilot bushing for an 81 CJ7 with 176 tranny to get the correct pilot bushing. If you use the 11 inch clutch you have to use bolts with smaller heads because the pressure plate housing is slightly larger. If you need some more info PM me for my phone #.


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          I didn't need a spacer on my T-177 when I replaced the T-150. But what is special about that bell housing in the picture? If it fit's a T-150 it will work with the T-176.

          I used a crossmember from an 84 CJ7 when I put in the T-177 in my 76 CJ5. There are 4 bolts on each side of the frame rail and you have to use the forward 3 bolts to use the later year crossmember the original T-150 used the 3 rear most bolts. If you do it this way and you have new engine mounts, then you should not have to drill or slot any any holes.


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            the cross member is a whole other issue , since the frame is a custom 4X2, my positions are different. so I will have to fabricate a new one.


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              John is right about not needing a spacer.

              I would just locate a used bellhousing and save a lot of cash.

              The 79 we put the 176 in already used the front mounting holes for the skid with the 150. They had to be slotted because of frame width. Center bolt holes would not line up.


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                The frame width never changed from 76 thru 86. Only the length. If your frame was wider or narrower its because of other probblems.

                I will have to check wether or not I used the front three hole or the rear three holes. I do know it was different than the T-150 cross member.