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  • Beautiful site!!!!!!!!

    What could be better than waking up from a nice afternoon nap on you day off and seeing this at your front door....

    So heres what I'll be doing this weekend...

    And hopefully more of this next weekend...

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    Tom, you nap too much, you should have been awake for that arrival of that box. just joking

    Have you gotten the fuel injection thing fixed since the poker run?

    Im jealous, i want a 4wd box on my front door step.

    Have fun



    • #3
      Hey Ryan long time no see. You still local? I've been messing with the fuel injection thing off and on since the poker run. Turns out this was the root of all evil..

      kina hard to suck any fuel through that!


      • #4
        Good luck puting it on, i helped put one on a grand and needless to say it wasnt fun


        • #5
          They ain't that hard to do, just take your time and make sure that o-ring is properly seated!


          • #6
            Actually i am still local. I will find out in the next couple of days if i am going to be a guamanian or californian. My house hasnt sold yet, and might not.

            I havent been able to get out much with the jeep though, been busy with school and work. But soon i should be able to again.


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              Not So Beautiful Anymore$#$#%@%#$%#%$

              Who sells a factory replacement fuel tank that DOESNT FIT BETWEEN THE FRAME RAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO, AT LEAST MAKE IT FIT BETWEEN THE FRAME RAILS. The tank is a top and bottom welded together. Well the flange where it's welded together is way too wide. I'm looking at the old one and the weld is pretty close to the actual fuel holding area. On this new one, it seems like the weld is further out on the flange. I guess now I have to find out a way to cut the flange without messing up the weld. Stand by for a battle with our hosts if this doesnt work


              • #8

                It LOOKS like it would fit, Tom. Are you sure you got the right year replacement tank?

                Anyway, the reason I'm posting is because of that D@MNED plastic float on your sending unit. If you still have the old sending unit with the brass float take that PLASTIC PIECE OF SH!T AND THROW IT OUT. 4WD will not be compassionate when you write them later because your fuel gauge quit due to the PLASTIC float with the HOLE in it. (More P!SS POOR globalization BULLSH!T...) I know, I know... they are the hosts... Still you'd think they could HEAR stuff like this. (Isn't that part of the reason for a FORUM?)

                Okay, I was in a slight 'rant mode' there. Taking that tank in and out ain't no picnic. Lead makes light of it because he's still a YOUNG buck. The old brass float will clip right into the sending arm loop. Lose the plastic, put the brass back to work and you'll be happy. (After you figure out how to get the tank bolted up.)


                • #9
                  Yeah the copper one is long gone. The sending unit must have been changed before. I ended up having to cut off lengths of the flange all the way around the tank, and then bend down the front corners to clear the exhaust. It fits now, but there is a considerable difference in the flange size between the factory and this one. Still working on the other issues, that lead me to change he tank, so pictures of me wheeling next weekend might be out of reach.


                  • #10
                    why cant all gas tanks be like xj gas tanks with the pump on the side. its so much easier.