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  • YJ factory stereo wiring problem

    The factory wiring was cut when I bought the Jeep and now I am trying to go from "wired straight to the battery" to the way it is supposed to be. I am using a wiring harness for the stereo I have and trying to match up the wires. I got the factory wiring layout from this website: and am wiring it as such:

    harness "Battery" wire to the vehicle Pink Constant 12V+
    harness "ACC" wire to the vehicle Purple/White Switched 12V+
    harness "ground" wire to the vehicle Black Ground

    My problem is that with it wired like this, I turn the key on and the stereo won't power on. It works fine if it is wired straight to the battery with both the "Battery" and "ACC" wires going to the positive terminal and the black straight to the ground.

    Some background...
    I have had this Jeep for 10 years, and for the first 5 didn't have a stereo at all. Then a friend gave me a cheap Pioneer stereo and CD player. He tried wiring it to the factory wires but it didn't work, so he wired it straight to the battery. I knew nothing about electronics, and was just kind of in awe of having a stereo in my Jeep, and didn't really care to fix it.

    Now I would like to wire the stereo in properly because I *think* that will boost the stereo and I would like to be able to hear it better going 55 MPH. As it is, I have to have the volume up to 37 or so to be able to hear while driving, and if it goes over volume level 40 the stereo powers off and back on constantly. I think the vehicle power will help this...