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  • What is a transmission torque arm?

    I am trying to find a new poly tranny mount for my YJ. Looks like all I can find is one for a YJ with 6-cyl. Mine is 4-cyl. But anyway, I keep seeing these kits that come with a new "torque arm and torque arm bushings". What the heck is that? I've never hear of a torque arm in the tranny before. Can someone explain to a newbie what the torque arm does?

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    it is the mount that shoots off to the side, I believe passenger side. It mounts to the tranny and to the skid plate/tranny mount bar. the reason it goes off to the side and is calle the torque arm is because it helps to keep the transmission from rotating as the engine spins and the clutch engages the transmission.


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      Ok. Is that something I need to replace if I replace the tranny mount?


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        not sure if it is all one piece or not, I dont thinks so, would have to go and look at tranny. Personally I would if money permitted, just for sake of the fact of taking the time to take it all apart and doing it might as well only do it once. You should be able to look at it and tell if it is bad. Look for cracks in metal or dry root on bushing.