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  • Oil Leak

    I was just wanting to get some ideas on this before I take more apart than I have to. My jeep has a 350 in it and i am leaking oil down the filter. I first thought it was just a line loose on the oil filter but that is not it and i changed oil so it isn't the filter but it is leaking on up above the filter somewhere and coming down onto and running down the filter. It is leaking continuously but when you start it rev a little it spits out quiet a bit on the ground. Any ideas what could be wrong?

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    oil leak

    The leak may be from the head gasket or the valve cover. More info might help others help you.


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      Head gasket is not lekely since Chevy did not put any pressurized oil passages in the head to block interface. Everything comes up through the pushrods, and then gravity drains back to the oil pan.

      A vlave cover leak is a very good place to start. Check the rear driver's side corner of the left head for evidence of an oil path.

      Another place to look is the oil pressure port on the intake, just to the driver's side of the dizzy. Oil that leaks there runs down onto the bellhousing flange, then down the engine's left side and right to the oil filter boss.

      Just above the oil filter boss there are usually a couple of threaded plugs that fill the holes used to drill oil passages. if one of those are loose, that could cause your leak.

      Good luck


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        That sounds exactly what the problem is I will try that route and see. Thanks


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          another thing u might check is the oil filter itself. sometimes when u take the old filter off the seal stays on the block, and the new filter has one on it, and it could leak that way. (a buddy of mine did that, i lauged at him a good bit)


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            my workvan had a problem similar to that, if the oil filter is mounted to the block sometimes (not very often) when you loosen the filter you also loosen the assembly holding the oil filter dont know if that will help you with a jeep but i might

            also to add my oil wasn't registering on the dipstick after 15 miles so about 2 1/2 quart was gone in that time
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              I had one and had to use the dye and I found it behind the valve cover in 2 seconds.