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    I said purse.

    But it was in the medicine cabinet. And it was covered in dust. I do not think we will have any issues.

    When the little surprise reared its ugly head, she started in on me about how much "that thing" is costing us. So after a bit of her yammering about taking it to someone that knows what they are doing, when I would leave to go get more crap from the parts store. I made up a list of what I was doing to the heep. And asked if she could call the dealer and get me some prices on the services I needed. She has shut her mouth for almost 24 hours about it. If I could only spend some of that money I saved her on modifications.

    Owe well,


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      It was that way with my first CJ. Constant "that think is a peice of junk" style comments. It looked real nice and ran for me, but because I had to put a new part on in every month, she hated it. I sold it to finally appease her. A year later her eyes were opened when she would find me under the other Jeeps in the neighborhood. It WAS a Jeep thing, and she finally understood. She now loves the Jeep and lets me play.

      Anyway, good luck in fixing it. I think you have more natural mechanic ability than I.


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        I do not think my little woman will ever change. At least not about the heep.

        Are you still deployed? When do you get back? A friend of mine is a DI and is shipping out to Iraq to train their army, and now I am the Cub Scout Den Leader! Owe well I hope you are safe, and get back soon.

        I need to get some sleep so I can put the rest of the heep back together tomorrow.

        Have good day


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          Ed, your pattern looks great. It actually looks better than mine did.

          Your creative thinking and innovations are quite remarkable. Now to see you move on ice.


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            Originally posted by rstarch345
            Ed, your pattern looks great. It actually looks better than mine did.
            I think that is because I used Cover Girl marking compound. I think the color is Red Hot Hypoid.

            One more question if I may. I am guessing I need to break the new bearings in. So how long do I go before I change the fluid? I am thinking one tank of gas, and then check it again at 500 miles. Should I restrict my speed? Please give me a clue.

            Thanks for everything,


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              The bearings shouldn't be a problem for break-in, generally the only break-in is when new gears are installed. If you're concerned, then follow your own adivce.


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                Thanks For Everything!

                The heep is rolling again. Thank you for all of your support in my time of distress.


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                  flatlander.... you da man!.....

                  Originally posted by FlatLander
                  Not sure if anyone has thought of this yet. I am sure someone has, but I am easily impressed, so this is what I came up with.

                  The FSM explains how you need to use a turnbuckle style seal installation tool. I do not have one of these and really do not want to buy one. After trying to get a socket and a tack hammer to work for some time, I had an epiphany.

                  The parts I gathered:


                  The Seal Press I fabricated:


                  MacGyver eat your heart out:


                  The 5/16 Grade2 hardware I had in stock bent under the pressure. So while I was at NAPA getting the new bearings pressed on the carrier, I acquired 12 MM grade 8.8 hardware and it worked like a charm.

                  Sometimes I impress myself,
                  that's good solid engineering right there......



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                    replace it now and you won't have to worry about it later


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                      lipstik on your rear.....

                      the mesh pattern on the rear gears looks very good..... and the red lipstick looks good too.......those bearings don't need any break-in period..... if they're right, they're ready to go.



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                        So far, So Good

                        I dropped the fluid last week end. Everything looked good. Fluid still looked good; I did not see any chucks of anything. So I guess I got it back together right.

                        Thanks again,