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  • tranny problems need help

    Got stuck in a deep water/mud hole. had to wench it out some how got water in tranny {automatic}. drained the fluid three times still has a little pink in it but not bad . the problem is it will not shift out of secon gear. what could be the problem need help

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    if it was running when it got the water in there.. or has been running since the water... water would have gotten pumped into the torque converter, which will take a while to get the water out of there.... many many fluid changes.

    as for it not shifting, the shift valve inthe valve body could be stuck because of the water intake...

    personally what I would do, is pull the tranny, replace the torque converter.. because they can hold a lot of fluid.. and while it was out, pull the pan and seperate the valve body (careful of the check balls) to make sure all the water (or the most possible) can be fully drained and blown out with air... then reassemble...

    make sure that the shift valve is not stuck while it is apart...

    but if you are into it that far... (here comes the why the heck not) why not just insert a set of heavy clutch packs and plates.. (last set I bought cost me about $115) then add like a transco shift kit (ran in my classic chevelle down the strip for many years-- super firm shifts)

    but those are all suggestions..


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      before you replace a bunch of stuff, take it to a tranny shop that does flush and fills that flush the tranny lines and torque converter. tell them what happened so they know what to do.

      if that doesn't fix it then worry about replacing stuff. i'm not a auto tranny guru but the last time i had a tranny that wouldn't shift right it was just the vacuum line on the modulator.


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        water in a auto tranny is not good a lot of the clutch disk use a water base glue