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  • I feel bad.

    Well, I feel kinda bad about something. My mother came to visit yesterday and she needed a ride home. Well, I wanted to gas up my jeep so I told her I would take her. Well, as she's getting in she slips and almost falls flat. She was hanging there with my skyjacker handle in her hand. Had it not been for that handle she would have been on the ground. I felt really bad. My jeep isn't that high, but it almost took my mother out. Is it wrong that I thought it was kind of funny. Well she's ok. so that's why I can laugh about it. Anyway, I don't think she'll be asking me for a ride in my jeep any more.

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    Glad it wasn't worse than it could have been. You only get one Mom. Don't worry about though, she is probably laughing about it too. Moms have a way of finding the humor in just about anything.


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      Yea, what he said. You have to laugh about that stuff. My mother trips all the time, and after the shock, usually laughs.


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        My mom complains all the time when i want to take her out for a ride in the jeep. She is even too short to reach the "Oh ****" handles. SO i bought her a step stool to help her get in.



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          A good conscience...


          About two years ago I had the misfortune of having my father in residence at a local 'old folks home'. The family was back and forth, back and forth, yadda, yadda, yadda.

          The 'home' was not far from my work. One day my Mom calls and asks if she can 'hitch' a ride home. In all the running back and forth she had suddenly found herself without a vehicle. I was driving Myrtle that day.

          We go out and my Mom looks at Myrtle and she looks at me. I don't say anything because even at forty-six, Mom is Mom. (But I'm standing CLOSE by.)

          Well, she tries and she can't make it. She looks at me and makes a face. I shrug and smile. (In my head this BATTLE is taking place...) She tries again and can't make it. She looks at me again and I shrug again. This time I say, 'Try it one more time.' So, she does. When she reached and grabbed the overhead handles to pull herself up I fell and put my shoulder beneath her plump little rear and 'boosted' the heck out of her.

          A small group of onlookers gave a huge round of applause and my mother truly enjoyed her ride home. (I'm thinking your mom probably enjoyed her ride as well.) No matter how old they get, they never forget how much we love our toys, man.


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            my mom won't ride in my jeep. she can't get in/out and worries if she trips up she'll break something when she lands


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              Good to hear that your mom's allright.
              mine is not driving in my Jeeps with me anymore, she once had a "bad" experience with my CJ and not getting in and since that day she refuses to ride with me in a Jeep, not even in the XJ... I think it's better that way, the XJ is lifted 3 inches and sits on 31s and mom's about 5'2" only and in her mid sixties ;o)


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                As long as she was ok, it's ok to laugh.

                Fall victims are funny. end of story. (ok, I'm a bit twisted, but here's a great story)

                It was a snowy and windy day in downtown Warren, PA and I was sitting in my car at a red light. I look over and see an old lady shuffling in the blustery snow to get to the intersection. She was complete with heavy trench coat, plastic rain bonnet (head baggie that the old ladies wear), and one of those four-pronged canes. (the ones with one handle and four rubber feet at the base)

                Recently that spring, the city had installed the handicap ramp style cross walks. You know, the sloped ones. Anyhow, I'm sitting there and the light changes and traffic begins to flow slowly.

                Well when that poor old lady started down that sloped sidewalk ramp, she wen horizontal. I'm talking she was 3ft in the air and laying out flat. Then BOOM, she lands on her back and the cane went flying behind her. My initial reaction was, "OMFG, is she ok? Should I help? What if she's ..."

                By the time I had a third thought pop into my head she was on her feet again, had the cane and was shuffling frantically away. The whole time she was looking around to see if anyone saw her.

                At which time I realized she was ok, I burst into tears laughing. I literally had to pull over cuz I couldn't see. There I remained for the better part of 10 minutes. Every time I thought i had a grip on it, I burst out laughing again.

                To this day I get a deep belly laugh when I think of that poor old lady bouncing through the snow.

                Bottom line: Fall victims are hilarious.


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                  Yea ok, it was funny!! When i finally got her home, I pull up to the curb which has a concrete step. She stepped of and walked down the steps. I had people looking at me because I had to get up on the curb a little, but at least she got off easy. I drove down the sidewalk and curb and away I went. I knew I wasn't the only one. Ha Ha!!! Thanks guys!!

                  Before I forget, Are You Ready For Some Football??? Cowboys vs. Jaguars. Let's see how they do. Go Boys!!!


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                    It's simple

                    Mom falling and breaking hip, arm or something else solid.

                    NOT FUNNY

                    Any other time Mom falls


                    When my mom **rip** would fall she would get mad and that would make it that much more funny.

                    Probably because for all the Mom stuff she was good at she could be rotten too. SO it was some times nice to see her trip.

                    My GOD Im going to hell for admitting that LOL


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                      We've all have had sombody fall and it be funny. And enough times that it was definately not funny. And thats why we laugh. It's relief that it's not serious and nobody got hurt. So yes it's ok. Unless the victim see you laughing.