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  • Sway-bar?

    Do you recommend an anti-sway bar or not? I have an 80 model CJ-5 that I bought that does not have a sway bar. I am putting a 4" Prio Comp lift on it and I was wondering if I should put a sway bar on it or not.

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    Bigger stuff...

    80, you don't say but I think it's safe to assume you're going to run much bigger tires after 4". I guess you could see how it feels after the lift and tires but I'm thinkin' you're going to need something on a 5. It's more than likely going to be right squirrelly feelin'. Look for posts by Kelse. He was on here not too long ago with steering troubles on his 5 (danged he's got a purdy Jeep) and got some pretty good answers.


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      If I leave my sway bar disconnected it can be a handful. If I use the sway bar it makes a huge difference.


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        I got a sway bar on my CJ5 because before you could barly drive it.

        I got the sway bar from Addco, i think 4wd cary's them. I got the 1 1/8" "firmer cornering" one. Along with Skyjacker Nitro shocks its a blast on the street. The combination isnt to bad off road either. if it gets really bad off road i have the JKS sway bar quick disconnects.

        The other thing is that if your jeep never had a sway bar on before or from the factory then you will need the mount that bolts to the frame and the sway bar mounts to it. I am not sure if 4wd has them but Collins Brothers has them.

        I will try to post a pic soon.


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          here are the picks

          I almost forgot
          you will need the spring plates that have 2 studs. one for the shock and one for the sway bar 4wd
          part #5359011 for driver
          #5359012 for passanger side

          you will need both


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            Well then, a sway bar it is. The Jeep had one on it at one time, but it was not on there when I bought the Jeep. I had bought a complete bushing kit for my Jeep and it has 15/16" bushings and the straps for the bushings. Also my front spring plates are sway bar ready. I appreciate the input and now it is time to find a swaybar. I am just now starting to go back together with my Jeep. I tore it all the way down to the frame, sandblasted the frame and painted with rhino liner, looks damn good if I say so myself. Thanks for the input.


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              I'd recommend a sway bar if you can put it on. Any way you can stabilize the Cj5 for steering do it. hitting big ruts and holes on the trail will snake that steering right out of your hands.

              Good luck and post some pictures.


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                Stabilizer or ...........

                Hi guys , tried to read all the posts before I brought this IDEA up , not looking for a short cut . BUT , "IF" , I left the front "stabilizer bar" off and put on a "2nd" (welded mounts) set of shocks might I fight of some of the roll/dip "feeling you talk about ? With the spring plate stud right there , move the front rubber brake line mount 180` , Weld mounts in , clearence looks good ????? This is on a 80 CJ5 304 ground up (poor White boy) build ,4" suspension , 2.5 " shakels , body mount / lift pending (1"???) . PLEASE share your thoughts ?

                Thanks , Fyrguy


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                  Where did you find the sway bar and the frame mounts. Mine has the mounts where the axle meets the suspension but no bar or brackets on the frame.


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                    I have this if any boudy looking



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                      Am interested

                      Hey Fuzz, Just how much would you have to have for that?


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                        80cj5fan sent you a PM