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  • transmission I am sure but...

    93 Jeep YJ automatic:
    Just got the Jeep, first vehicle, I love it, just hope to continue to enjoy it, like most of you I have plans to LOVE it and make improvements for some time to come i hope!

    Lately within two weeks at 45 MPH a shake appears, it's not the DW in the front end its a frame like feel in the pedal and steering at about 48 MPH it goes away. Just mentioned this because it's a new thing that might be the casue later in the thread?
    Anyway, going up an inclined mountain (road), the automatic would not shift out of what appears to be first gear, only tacks RPMs. Reverse no longer shifts and engages, the YJ was nursed home where my father suggested that we check the ATF, which appears very low. Color is correct and it smells good, but only shows the least bit on the stick
    Now I am hoping that my transmission is not shot, if I fill the fluid to proper levels will this save me ?
    Other than the fact that I learned alesson on checking this fluid level also, can anyone help with advise.
    Will filing relase my clutch and into proper performance again?
    Was the shake a warning sign on the transmission?

    Thanks for any help

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    Filling the transmission will definatly help, will if fix the problem, well the only way to find out is to do it. Low fluid in an automatic is the most common cause of problems.

    Shaking, could be a multitude of things. Broken or loose enigne or tranny mounts. Bad alignement, bad steering components or even an unbalanced tire. I would check all my tires to see if they are balanced.

    Weclome to Jeep, no Just Empty Every Pocket.


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      Filled ATF to proper level but no luck, forward still slips and NO reverse.
      What's my next step fellows?

      I guess BIG $$$$ Right?


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        Chilton's time

        It sounds like its time to buy a Chilton's manual and hit the junkyard... You should be able to find a used tranny for under $300. If you're gonna own a jeep, ya best get used to working on it Oh, I guess you could check the shift linkage first. Make sure that everything is hooked up, not bent or binding, and that the transmission is still bolted down where it should be (no broken mounts).


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          Any ideas on the next steps here?
          What can I do next, do I take my Jeep to a garage and have proffesionals decide?

          I hope not that will mean $$$


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            Did you give the shift linkage and tranny/motor mounts a good shakedown?