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    After a long session of staring at my jeep with the back wheels off, i decided that i cant fix the frame. The thing HAS to be bent. the drivers side is lower, the springs on the rear back there are both new, and it also looks like the axle housing on the drivers side is pushed back just a little. that would make the housing bolt to the spring higher on the spring, and in a spring under, that makes the frame come down. the shackel on the low side also sticks out further than the other. the PO also tried to mess with the body mounts on the high side to level it out also. i know i can get the frame straightened, but it is starting to rot through and dont think it would be worth it. you guys think i am better off looking for a used frame that is striaght(good luck) or getting a new one from AFW or matkins? i posted awhile ago between the two new ones and got no answers. i am getting towards my wits end here and would like to have a frigging solution.......

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    Out here in Cali on there are a few frames for sale for $250 but the shipping might make it unfeasable. Luckily we dont have a problem with rot out here. Good Luck.


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      i would start looking for a good used one. have it dipped or media blasted and then coat it with por-15.

      if you can't find a good used one, then you'll need to consider the new ones. pretty simple decision to me.


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        I had the same problem with a bent frame. I went the route of having an auto body shop try to straighten it -- that was a waste of money.

        Fortunately I found a really good Jeep salvage yard near me (Olympic 4x4, Washington state). They had a Cj7 of the same year that had had a fire in the engine compartment. The tub and frame were still in great shape. I had them pull the tub, axles, et al and for $350 I had a new-used frame that needed only a minumum of clean up. If you go this route, eyeball the frame really well. Take a screwdriver, putty knife and grinder with you so you can really inspect the frame. There's alot of just plain junk out there.

        Today I have everything moved over to the new-used frame and am replacing sheet metal on the original tub (floor boards, rockers, etc). I'm really happy now with the way the frame/suspension looks. No more sags, no more problems with one corner being higher than the other. Sometimes I think I should have just bought the tub too tho-- oh well, I do want to perfect my welding skills. I've been meaning to post some pics -- I'll do that the next time we get a sunny day in Seattle.

        Hope this helps.