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  • couple questions on tires

    If you were running 33x12.50x15 would you run 4in backspacing or 3.75 on 15x8 rims? i've searched...but i'm just looking for opinions.

    also the shipping rate on tires... how much is F.E.T. tax usually? i know a crate charge of 9.75 is applied to each tire...but i've never heard of F.E.T. could someone fill me in?? thanks

    btw i'm looking to get the Mickey Thompson MTZ radials


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    I'm running 3.75" backspacing on my wheels with 11.50 wide rubber, does just fine. 3.75 is pretty much the standard on 15x8 wheels. If you can find 4" in the wheel you like, I would think to do it; a little more spacing can't hurt I would think...tho 1/4" difference isn't much.

    Can't help on the shipping stuff...I don't understand it, I just pay it and grumble.


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      I might not be right but, I was always told that the more backspacing you have the less the tire will stick out.

      So anyone please let me know if I am wrong...


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        all your answers with pictures


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          Im running 33x12.50x15 mt/r's with 4in of BS on mine, so far so good.


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            Thanks fubar, i've already seen that thread...i was just trying to get everyones opinion on which they think is best and which one will look better?

            and also what in the world that F.E.T. tax charge is to the tires???

            thanks for the replies so far!


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              Im running Maxxis 33x12.5-15's with 3.75 backspacing, the tires just stick out from the flares, not enough to be illegal, but enough to throw stuff ll over the Jee amd windshield. I think you'd be fne with either, and going with a 4'' BS would keep the tires tucked in a bit more, eliminating alot of the spray.

              (And your right gyoe, more BS = less 'stick out')


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                There's you some info on the Federal Excise Tax on tires.