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  • Tire size

    What was the original stock tire size for a 1974 CJ5? I have 2 separate size tires on mine. 2 tires are street tires and the other 2 tires are a P78 size which the manager at my favorite tire store says are real rare and stores swap over to a 31x10.50. I was wondering about a 29 instead of a 31. My jeep is not lifted that I can tell, and where I live, we have no rocks. We don't even have gravel naturally. My jeep will be for hunting, and yes I know about ground clearence, but also about such things as fender clearence. But I want the original size tires. Thanks.

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    If I can trust the old sales brochures I have flying around and Jim Allen there were several tire and rim sizes between '72-'79:

    rims: 5.5x15, 6x15 and 7x15
    tires: 7.35x15, F-78-15/8.55-15, H-78-15, L-78-15,9x15 (Jim Allen and the brochures) plus 205/75R15 as stated in the brochures but listed by Jim Allen as 1982 and onwards onyly


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      I looked it up, a P78 translates to a 33x10.00! That's a bit larger than a 29", much less a 31". If you want stock-sized tires, I'd say go with a 235/75/15, that's basically an L78-15.


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        Thanks y"all.