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  • 74 cj body mount locations

    I Started taking the old body lift off of my wifes 74 cj5 tonight. It had a "3 Inch lift" some of the pucks where double statcked in some areas that sort of fun stuff. Anyways I am nocking it down to just a one inch body lift and I wanted to make sure I had all of the mounts in the proper areas. The PO did some scary things on this poor jeep. Anyways where I have the mounts (this is just refering to the passangers side thinking they are going to be the same for both) is on the very back corner of the tub, one under the the passangers seat, on in the center of the floor board, and one at the front corner of the tub where it meets the fender, and the radiator one. Is there anypoints that I am Missing?? Also there was one set in about a foot from the rear tub corner that I don't know if it was suposed to be there, because it fell off when I removed the bolt and upon inspection it looks like a peice of angle iron Sorry about the long post, and thank you for any help.

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    There is one in the rear seat/cargo area. It's probably about 1 - 1 1/2 ft. from the back of the jeep. That makes 5 total, per side for the body tub, not including the front radiator mount.


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      I just wanted to double check what you ment fot the one in the cargo area. I have a mount about the rear tire, but there are no holes drilled into the body for it to mount. Some one was telling me these mounts where not used on the 74?? I also have another spot that looked like there could have been mounts there and that was where the frame curves up tward the rear tire. It looked like it had something there before but the lip where the passanger and cargo areas meet had been torn way? Thanks for the help


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        Oh ok. On my jeep there are 2 rear locations per side. There is one at the very rear on the crossmemeber. That one is outside the frame rails on the crossmember, and attaches to the rear wall/wheel well area of the jeep. The middle one is right at the top of the curve in the frame. It's positioned a little behind the rear axle (more towards the rear fo the jeep). When I replaced the body I had a similar problem where the rear floor of the jeep had been replaced with a big piece fo bare metal. I'm not positive if you have to use that mount, but I figured it would be best to use all of them if possible.