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  • Pass an Echeck with no Emissions Stuff??

    Had to get the new rebuilt engine through an Echeck for the warrenty and a wierd thing happened-- I passed the echeck! How in the world could I pass an echeck with no emissions stuff on there? I have a weber carb, the 258 and headers. Should I be worried about something else like running too lean?

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    I would keep an eye on it. Unless you are in California I think the engine should have no problems passing emissions. As long as it runs right.


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      I took my truck in to get it smog certified in California. It needed to go to the referee station, which is the top dog of smog inspection, due to a gross pollution rating from previous owner. It goes through all the check up, passes emissions with flying colors and fails the visual because the timing was too far advanced. I think no problem, recess the timing and take it back. Now, I smell exhaust, it's not running smooth, etc. Well guess what, IT PASSED. I laughed at the guy and asked if it makes sense that a vehicle that now puts out more harmfull emission passes, when it didn't before. All the paper work showed that it clearly was worse now, after it passed their inspection. He had no answer of course but that just proves that those smog laws are pretty much a joke when it comes to practicality (sp?). In the end, i re-advanced the timing and went on my marry way.

      I know It doesn't have much to do with the posted question, but I had to share.

      I know that here in California we have some of the toughest smog laws. Out here, once you get the pass form the smog test station, it's electronically filed with the DMV. So I would have to say, if you have the paper work saying it's good, you should have no worries.


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        oUt here on the East Coast (N.J.) I had a similar situation...took in my '81-'84 CJ (depending on what parts we're defining as vehicle year) and flew thru e-control ctr 'til they put an eyeball underneath and saw the cat had been removed. (They had no sense of humor about it).

        Seems the emissions can pass easily, if you keep it on the lean side of "just right".

        good luck