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  • braking problem

    postin this for a friends 84 CJ

    he recently brought it in to a shop, because the right front caliper was leaking.

    while at the shop, put a new front right caliper, master cyl., and now there's no brake pedal.

    anyone know what would be the problem???

    no leaks at the breaks or lines

    would it be the booster?????

    thanks for the response

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    well, if there isnt a pedal, of corse he isnt going to stop!


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      any one with some helpfull info



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        When you say " brought into a shop " was this a qualified shop ?

        Was the master cylinder bench bleed , before the install ?

        Was the propportioning valve centered before bleeding the brake lines , I would bleed all the way around , after the master cylinder has been bench bleed.

        When bleeding the disc brake systems on CJ's you should bleed the fronte first , to center the propportioning valve , then bleed as normal.
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          its a qualified shop, everything was bleed and everything was right

          would u think it would be the booster


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            You dont have any pedal pressure,

            Pump the brake pedal with the engine off until the supply of vacuum is gone .
            Put a light steady pressure on the pedal .

            Start the engine and operate it at idle , if the system is working the pedal should fall to the floor if constant pressure is maintained on the pedal.


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              yes it falls to the floor , tried all the pumping and everything


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                Were the rear brakes also checked ?

                Worn rear brake linings could cause a low brake pedal , otherwise it sounds like there is air trapped in the lines somewhere.


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                  If your friend crashes into someone and said the brakes failed.
                  The shop would get sued, they were paid to fix the brakes.

                  Bring it back and be loud that the don't work after they charged him to fix them.


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                    all the brakes were bleed and everything,

                    the guy that worked on it has a racing teams so he knows he's ****, and it's hard to sue someone when all u paid for was parts.......

                    but everything has been bleed and bleed again and checked and rechecked,,,,

                    thats why we think it's the booster????


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                      If you are loosing fluid check the vacumm hose for residue.
                      If you just have soft brakes the push rod may not be adjusted correctly and your not getting full travel.
                      Can you pump them up with the engine off and it stays hard? or does it sink, or are they spongy?

                      Did you try to reverse bleed them?


                      • #12
                        it's not loosing fluid , before it was loosing fluid, before they changed the front right caliper

                        now it's not loosing fluid , bleed the brakes and everything. just no brakes


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                          Just a thought, but maybe some crap got in the MC and clogged the lines.?


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                            Here's a shot in the dark. If you have disc brakes, are the calipers on upside down. If so the bleed valve would be at the bottom of the caliper vs. the top where it's supposed to be. I never had done brakes, when i did it i put the new calipers on the wrong side, upside down. I would have brake pressure for seconds and then nothing. Other than that, I have no new ideas, good luck.


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                              the bleeder valve is on top, looks like it would be the caliper for the front left instead of front right, but they said it was right so don't know

                              i'll have him go check out anther cj