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  • line-x on floor

    anybody have line-x on their interior? i'm getting my done next week and just wanted some opinions

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    I'll be slappin' down some durabak this summer. Too poor for line-x.


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      Yeah did line-x awhile back. It ran me 400 for the inside of the tub. It works real good, but if you ever put Armor All on it look out, it gets real slippery. One more point, if you are painting the jeep, do the lining after. I lined it and then tried to have it painted right away, we couldn't get the tape to stick to the new coating. Maybe that was just my luck, don't know.


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        I never tried Line X, but I did have Rhino on my old Cj-7.. It was a world of difference! And the carpets didn't stink anymore! I don't know how Linex is applied but the guys who did my Rhino thinned the mix down on the final coat and got a really nice shiny look to it. Looked like I spilled oil on the floor actually!
        Sold my CJ to my best friend after I bought a TJ. He'd been bugging me for 16 years to sell it to him.. It got rear ended and totaled by a drunk one night while parked in front of the house. He didn't tell me for a week but when he did, he said he was pretty sure the Rhino lining was the only thing holding the body together! Our goal is to rebuild it one day (if we can get the lining off of it)


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          Which DURABAK?

          So I am choosing to do the DURABAK lining thing to save the tub... I see from 4WD the Durabak is listed as smooth and original. If I look elsewhere, I see there is a UV option on the original types. Two questions:

          Is the 4WD DURABAK the UV protectant type?
          Which is preferred for durability...smooth or original?

          Plan is to DURABAK tub and underneath. Paint on exterior.


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            I used Dupli-color and sprayed it on with their gun, works really well. I only have one coat on it right now, I may go for more after the paint. The thing I really like about it, you can touch it up anytime if it ever peels up or whatever. texture is pretty good, just a little less than rhino liner. and it cost a heck of a lot less. NAPA sells the gun, but go to meijers for the gallon of stuff, it's cheaper there. The dupli-color also comes in rattle cans, but I was a little leery it might just look like thick spray paint, so I got the gun and did it that way.


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              I have done my tub in durabak and frame. I dont think that the 4wd has what you want, they may be able to get it. I deal w/ Durabak directly, out of Colorado.

              The extra UV protection is DURABAK 18 where as the other is just Durabak.

              The rough texture will give you more durablity is what they told me. It is not as rough as Linex, but more in the lines w/ Rhino lining material.

              However it you are going to do there is only one way to get the good results that is wanted. That is to spray it on. Use the spray gun for Dupli-color (located at Orielly). My results lookeds soo much better after spraying it than it did when rolling or brushing it on.

              Good luck.


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                spray gun for Dupli-color

                Thank you all for the advice. Looks like I can online order DURABAK or HERCULINER in Galon (about $110/gal) or quart quantities. Dupli-Color is available for $40/gal at the Local WALMART. DURABAK sounds like the liner with the most support.

                Is there a special spray gun for the (thicker) DURABAK or is it just a normal spray gun type? Electric or High Pressure Air?

                Any last minute comments before I commit? Would go with the cheaper and easier to get DupliColor (also carried at Advance Auto Parts) if it is basically the same as the other two. Based on comments to date, will go with DURABAK assuming it will be longer lasting.


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                  I put Durabak on the interior of my fibergalss tub five years ago. I do have some scratches here and there but they are from stuff like throwing the highlift in the back etc... I also have a bare spot under my gas petal. I should note also that I only used two quarts. Long story, but I was trying to be cheap and only bought one quart. Found out it wasn't enough and bought another, still barley covered the interior and I didn't get a stippled roller! I think you will be happy with a gallon of the original.