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  • Re-gearing and Spedometer reset

    I have seen earlier articles suggesting resetting the spedometer for larger diameter tires. Is that done? How can it be? Also interested in the feasibility of changing the gearing ratios on DANA 44 and DANA 30 for 33" tires to get the engine RPM back to where it should be with a 73 CJ-5 I6 and T-18 tranny.

    Any ideas? Is it all necessary? Looking to climb big (debatable) rocky hills with 33s, 2" suspension lift and 1" body lift...

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    If you are looking to climb big rocks then you shouldn't care what your speedo says, let alone if it is correct. You should get the lowest gears possible. If I remember right with a 44 you can get into the 5 range.


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      Where and how to get new gear ratio

      Lost-One is right on. Who cares about the odometer...

      how do I find and install new gear ratios in my front and rear axles?


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        Originally posted by Scott'sCJ
        Lost-One is right on. Who cares about the odometer...

        how do I find and install new gear ratios in my front and rear axles?
        Find is easy. Install is a bit tougher. If you have never done serious mechanical work I would take it to someone who knows what they are doing. If you have rebuilt a few engines and have the right tools it can be quite a learning experiance.
        Now on to the find, From the catalog it looks like the best you are going to get in the front is 4.88. But that might be the best that 4wd carries.
        Someone might want to chime in here on where you might be able to get a set of lower gears for a dana 30. Because the rear says you can get all the way to 5.38. I find it hard to believe that a set was made for the rear that didn't match the front.
        Then if you drive this on the road often you could get a GPS and use it for your MPH. That is what I do. Mine is a few off the other direction also as I should have used 3.73 but went with 4.10 so I could get a little more low end. Plus now I have an excuse to go with a larger tire.....


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          Replacing ring and pinion

          Having reviewed ring and pinion descriptions, the adds state that when replacing 3.54 and numerically lower ratio gear set with a 3.73 or higher gear, the case must be changed to a 3.73 and higher case.

          I am looking to change the dana 30 and dana 44 differential ratios to 4.56. What is the case the add is talking about?


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            The case they are refering to is the carrier.

            there is a point in all difs that you have to switch this
            your changing point is after 3.54, so if you want to go bigger
            then you have to change the carrier along with it.

            If you are planning on locking it, I am pretty sure that some
            lockers act as carriers, so to kill two birds with one stone.....