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  • Factory service manual for $30

    Does anyone know where to get a service manual for a Jeep??

    I know all manuals at are $30 for 95 and prior but they dont have Jeep stuff. Good for GM Ford Hummer and others but no Jeep.

    I was just wondering if they had a similar thing for Jeep, Ne1 know who makes the service manual??

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    ebay. lost one also is a FSM collector, he may be able to help you out.


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      Lost One is an eclectic and very professional FSM collector. I'm afraid it might take more than dollars to talk him out of a 'prized' edition... Speaking from '77 experience here. Offered him women, drugs, free beer for a year... Take your best shot.

      FUBAR is on the money with e-bay... Keep and eye out on a steady basis and don't be afraid to PAY for yours when you find it. They're like dirt... God ain't makin' no more of them. The FSM is worth the bucks... blackwater


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        Unfortunatly the 84-86 can be an elusive beast to catch. But when you get them are well worth it. For these years there were two manuals. M.R. 252 is the one that has most of what you need. The other one is M.R. 255 this one is mainly body. Neither has the wiring or vacuum. Do not buy the reprints. I have found these are sometimes hard to read.
        Watch on ebay and be ready with money to bid when they come up. I suggest that you get one soon as I just wrecked my second set and I need to get another as to have two sets. And yes I have two of almost every year.
        And Blackwater was right, I spent way too much time hunting these down, I am not going to give them up cheaply.


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          I did buy the Haynes manual and am waiting for it before i attempt the axle seals. I found the FSM on ebay for $90 but i thought that was too much. Might have to break down and buy it though, ill see how the Haynes looks first.


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            I think that is what I paid for mine. They tend to get expensive. If you spend that much however you should get either a mint condition or both books. Again make sure you don't buy a reprint.


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              I found the big book. Click the dude.


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                **** i searched ebay all last night and never found that one.

                I was searching for "factory service manual" so that could be why.

                Please dont anyone bid agianst me now!!




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                  It's all in the search. FUBAR has found things that I could with some of his searches. Glad I could help, good luck.