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  • Healthy 4.2 258 Operating Temperature

    Hello Group - this is my first log-in since the site hacking. Good to be back!

    I recently installed a mechanical temp guage on the 258, and the engine tends to run between 200 and 205 degrees. Does this seem too hot to anyone? The sensor is mounted in the intake manifold rather than the engine block.

    I'm wondering if the P.O. had installed some goofy thermostat or something...

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    Well, you probably have a 185/195 deg thermostat. That's just the temp at which it opens to allow coolant to go to through the radiator. I'd say you radiator is doing a good job at cooling your rig to 205 deg. May be a little cool.

    I wonder if there is some way to put an testing thermostat on the coolant system? Anybody?


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      I put a 195 in last winter and it never gets above 200. Just replace and then you'll know what's in there or you could take it out and put in pot on stove to check it. Use a meat thermometer or whatever kind you have available to see when it opens (what temp.) If that's the biggest concern you have w/ your CJ I'd say you're doin alright. Happy Jeepin' !


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        Sounds fine to me.


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          thermostats are supposed to be in the intake manifold and take the reading from the water jacket. 205 is not a bad temp at all. my water pump went out and mine got up a little over 250.