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  • Just another steering question.....

    Ok, so I am trying to decypher the difference between bump steer and death wobble. My Rubicon has a 4" lift with 33" 12.5's. She drives great. But, when I hit a high spot in a road or even a fast dip, she scares the crap out of me as she is all over the road and all I can do is grab the wheel alittle harder and keep her right side up. I am trying to figure out which one I am experiencing here, or maybe both. What if anything can I do to fix the problem? I have had her aligned twice now ( once due to my own self induced damage off-roading), She has new tires and shocks and everything is tight and /or new. Is a new adjustable track bar the cure or is this just the penalties for putting a lift on a Jeep? If I buy an adjustable track bar, do I have to have her aligned again after the install? Pleasehelp me out, and I appreciate any advice. Jeeps Rule!

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    From what I read here I would say you have a case of the "Death Wobble". Bump steer is, I may be wrong or use the wrong terms, a little bit of play after a bump, but not the "Pants Fill" from the Death Wobble. There is no comparison, from what I have read and gone through personally. Do you have an adjustable front bar already? If not that is likely the culprit of this. I would suggest, but didn't take my own suggestion, the alignment after the install to make sure that the axle is centered where it should be. Did you get a new steering stabilizer with the kit? That may also help with the bump steer that may turn into Death Wobble, it did in my jeep. I also had bad wheel bearings on both front tires and other small things that have been resolved. Hope this helps some.


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      Thanks for replying. I don't have an adjustable front or rear track bar. I did buy a new bigger steering stabilizer, but I installed it during the lift install, so I wold not know if this helped anything as I never drove it without it. My Rubicon is fairly new and only has 15000 miles on it. So I don't know what might be worn out already. I have wheeled it a few times, not many. I really want to find the cure for this andam willing to have to spend a few dollars to make it right. Thanks for anymore advice. Craig


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        try putting rear wheel and tires on the front and see how that changes the situation....the balance on the tires can be the problem.... if this changes things you need to get the fron tires rebalanced with a spin balancer....


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          Thanks TUG

          I never thought about that, thanks tug


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            Bump steer is caused by a steering geometry that is out of wack. So basically as your suspension cycles your wheels will turn, either together or seperately. You would just notice that it darts left or right when you hit a bump.

            I would say what you experience is "death wobble". The biggest culprit of this is loose suspension components. I would go over the entire jeep and tighten down bolts and have some one shake and bounce the jeep. Watch for movement in the ball joints or tie-rod ends. See if you notice anything moving in directions it shouldn't.

            Switching your tires around is a good idea too to rule them out.