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    hey, this is my first 14 and i have a cj6 tuxedo...but i im debating weather or not i want to flog and adn beat the piss out of it....on the other hand my bestfriends uncle is selling his 79 cj7 with brand new body for 2grand i have 7grand saved up in account....and if i choose the cj6 it has a v6 buick oddfire and im wondering if that engine will get it done offroad the jeep is currently used as like a family trail driver that doesn't see much action so im just wondering what u guys think....any reply woudl be greatly appreciated
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    Seven grand and 14 years old? Spend some of that $$$$ on the CJ7.


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      You have a CJ-6 TUX. I wouldn't wheel that I would rebuild it. Spend the money on the CJ-7. Don't drop all of your money though. Save some for the features(problems) you will find/install(fix).
      No reason to go into total debt over a vehicle.
      I used to have a commando when I was younger and I didn't want it because it wasn't a CJ. Now I wish I had that vehicle, would be worth a lot of money. Save the Tux you will not regret it.

      P.S. That engine is undestructable, you couldn't blow it up.


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        The Buick odd-fire V-6 is an awesome engine, will out-run any AMC 258 inline 6 on a bad day with 2 cylinders missing. The Tuxedo Park CJ-6 is a very rare bird and a perfect canidate for a restoration. (I didn't know that they even made them!) If it has a factory overdrive unit, it's extremely desireable. I would still wheel it, but I wouldn't modify it too much due to it's rarity. The '79 CJ-7 is a great rig, but certainly not rare, so you can modify it to you liking and not feel guilty. If your very tall, you certainly will be more comfortable in a CJ-7 and they handle 100 times better than an old CJ-5. Give & take.
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          Anybody have a pic of the CJ6 tux? how about posting it. DP


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            Link to a blog and a bunch of CJ6 info.

            Rob if you get the 6 you should add pics to the blog.

            As for the 6 itself and the Duantless 225, all thne info you'll ever need is on the home page and the forums at the link in my sig. Any early CJ5/CJ6/Dauntless/Hurricane question you have can be answered on the forum.

            If you want a rig to beat on, buy the 7. If you want to take a classic and do enough mods to modernize it and make it highway-and-trail-capable but still retain alot of value, buy the 6.
            Obviously the 6 will take alot more skill, money and time to do it right...
            Good luck!!


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              Thank you for all your replies means for the pictures i will get those to u here int he near i gotta go hunt becuase my friends uncle decied not to sell so now its to the junkyards and want adds any other places i should be looking?again thank you for replying