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  • YJ Springs on a CJ Revisited

    Saw an interesting article on concerning YJ springs on a CJ. Apparently, you only need to change out the shackle hanger mounts that are rivited to the frame in order to fit the wider YJ springs. The YJ springs will fit into the frame mounted springs hanger because a narrow spring eye bushing is used opposed to the fat bushings on CJ springs.

    Am I behind the times on this subject or is this common knowleage?

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    You'll definitely have to buy/fab new shackles and as far as the hangers go: I had to coerce mine in.


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      Actually the front YJ springs fit because the front CJ springs use an extra fat bushing, and the YJ springs use a standard bushing. The front spring shackle end hangers may be replaced with rear shackle hangers and then use rear CJ shackles to put it all together.

      Check out this link....

      This is exactly what I did


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        Yeah I just installed a Rubicon Express lift kit that converted my CJ leaf springs to YJ leaf springs. The only difference was the front shackles are angled out just a bit to accept the wider leafs (it's only a half inch difference I think: 2" vs 2.5"). The leafs fit into the rear springs with little forcing. Probably could have spread the hanger just a fraction and it would have slipped right in but it worked out anyway. The ride does seem to be a bit better. But comparing an old worn out suspension to any new suspension is apples to oranges.


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          Mine sure didn't fit w/o some force and very small amounts of prying.


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            To those that have made the switch to YJ springs. Did your caster angle change requiring the addition of leaf spring shims? Was the ride quality any better and is it worth the time and trouble?


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              Any time you change the springs from stock to something else you are going to have to check the caster. The bigger you go the more the angle will change.


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                Originally posted by dvoss
                To those that have made the switch to YJ springs. Did your caster angle change requiring the addition of leaf spring shims? Was the ride quality any better and is it worth the time and trouble?
                There is no real extra time or trouble if you go with the RE kit. It is a simple bolt-on kit. Like I said before, the only real difference is that the front shackles are angled out a bit a accept the wider leafs and the rear holder for the front spring are a little tight (basically just gotta pry a little bit or force the springs in and you're done).

                As far as ride difference... I know mine is better than what I had but what I had on there was original stuff and all over 20 years old (including the shocks I think) so anything would have been better. I can't give you a good comparison between the YJ and CJ springs but the consensus by most is that the wider the spring the better.

                The RE kit comes with a 2 degree and a 2.5 degree set of shims for the rear. I just used the 2.5 degree shims because the alignment pin under the rear axle was not going to be long enough to align both shims and the spring holder plate. I haven't really checked anything other than the fact that my standard driveshaft (not CV style) does rotate freely without any binding so to me it is close enough... that is until I break something I guess.


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                  Thanks for the info it is very appreicated. I really just want to change the front springs. My rear springs are custom with a military wrap so I'm very pleased with them. It's the front springs that need attention and instead of re-arching the old one's I'm leaning toward the YJ units.


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                    I went SOA, so I had to set my Caster from scratch (well, almost)

                    The ride difference is amazing with the SOA and the YJ springs, I can even let go of the sheel while driving without diving for the ditch. Havn't gone off road, yet, but is should be a real treat.