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  • AMC 20 Rear Questions!

    Hi Guys N Gals,

    I recently bought a basket case 1982 CJ-7. That I plan to put back together and use for general transportation, maybe some hills and mud, mud is good! I'm not talking Moab here!

    While I'm mechanically inclined and know how to read a shop manual (which AIN'T Haynes or Chilton!). One of the major problems is that the R/R axle shaft has "walked" out of the axle housing. I haven't torn into it yet as there are other problems that need to be addressed.

    My questions are as follows:

    1. What kind of damage to the housing should I expect to see when I pull the axle. 2. Should I consider replacing the complete rear axle (Dana or? )? 3. I've seen ads for one-piece axle shafts; are the welded axles, (vs one piece forged), really all that bad? The price difference is attractive.

    4. Does anyone know of any Jeep clubs in the SE PA/ Wilmington, DE area.

    Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

    Jon (
    West Chester, PA

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    you might be looking at a new axel when it came out it most likley did some damage to the axel bearing surface if the bearing did not spin in the housing that may still be ok the rear is a wide track I beleave

    the one piece forged axel will be a stronger axel then a welded axel but more $$

    there is the pa jeepers club


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      Does anybody know what would happen if you welded the hub to the axel? Why does nobody do that?. I've never pulled my axels, so it's not something I've looked into.


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        the amc 20 is a rear axle, it doesn't have a hub it has a flange. unless you have a full floater rear it won't have a hub. if you welded a hub to the axle you'd never get it back off w/o destroying it all.

        i would guess that just the bearing is destroyed, but you'll have to look at it to evaluate that. if you go with 1pc shaft upgrades and weld the tubes you'll have one mofo strong axle.


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          Well, is it a C-clip axel? I thought it was. Could you weld the flange to the shaft and pull the C's to take it apart later? is the bearing pressed on the shaft or in the housing? the reason I'm asking is i have hub, (flange) that won't stay tight.


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            The bearing is pressed onto the tapered shaft inboard of the flange. If you weld the flange to the shaft you will never be able to change the bearing and it will be a throwaway assembly. The taper on the shaft is such that the bearing must come off on the curb side. The one-piece axles that you can buy have a different bearing arrangement so that it comes off on the diff. side.


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              no c-clips on an AMC 20. I just did moser shafts. fairly easy- and this was by far the most involved project I've done.


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                FUBAR, The amc 20 in a Cj has 2 piece axels. The axle and a flange.

                The Superior and moser axles are 1 peice and Extremly stronger! Moser has 10 year warrenty, superior has 5 year. Moser warrenty says you can't trail fix it or anything before you send it in because they want to see what caused the breakage.



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                  Originally posted by sqall12001
                  FUBAR, The amc 20 in a Cj has 2 piece axels. The axle and a flange.

                  Um, that's what I said in my post. but i think you're misunderstanding. the two piece axle is only on one side and that side has two axle shafts connected by a joint. only a full floater has a hub. the amc 20 is not a full floater. the flange is welded on to the end of the shaft.
                  Last edited by FUBAR; 06-12-2005, 02:15 PM.


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                    Is there anything involved or tricky about welding the housing? Just clean it up and slap a bead all the way around?

                    I am getting a 1 peice shaft kit soon and am all for welding the housing. I have a competent (yes, he is GOOD..) welder on staff to do this for me, I just want to be sure we do it right as neither of us has done this before. (He did a great job reattatching the rear axle's upper arm mounting bracket I tore off my wife's 4Runner! She wasn't thrilled, but forgave me...eventually!)


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                      i've seen a thread on the amc 20 with a pic of the tubes welded somewhere on this board. if you do a search and take the time to fish through them, you'll come across it.


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                        The sacred archives...

                        Yammadoggy, (did I spell that right?)

                        Here is the archived thread FUBAR mentioned: