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    I am looking for some ways to do either junkyard lift (using leaf springs from other trucks,jeeps, etc) or a cheap and easy lift, i have heard that a spring over axel lift is easy but requires some steering mods. any help appreciated

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    soa is the most difficult. shackle is the easiest and fairly cheap. body lift would be next in ease and price. new springs would be third in difficulty.


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      Listen to Fubar on this one, and someone who has done an SOA, 'tain't easy!

      I would rate An add-a-leaf right up there with the shackle lift as far as ease of instalation.

      Hate to use a cliche' but your life is in your hands, and if your hands are on your suspension, don't do it quick and easy,

      Do it RIGHT!


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        I would really like some cheap and easy ways to get some lift out of this jeep im 17 years old and i dont have very much money and i need some junkyard tips on how to get some lift so any help is greatly appreciated


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          have a spring over on my 82' and love it. have it done by someone who knows what they are doing and you can't go wrong. i got a good deal on labor at $250 but even 300 is very fair. pitman arm around $70 and i had some other badly worn parts replaced while i was at it. you do not have to replace brake hoses if done properly. spring over lifted my cj exactly 5". oh yeah, you keep your factory ride, won't rattle your brain like some of the leaf spring replacements. look at all of your options , just letting you know how the soa went for me. I'm assuming your springs are in good condition.if to costly consider shackle lift, i did one a few years ago to lift my jeep 2". not much trouble on installation either. i used shackles from warrior products.
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            for the steering did you only have to midify the pitman arm? also i would most likely attempt this myself because i dont have 300 to spend on having someone else do it. but thanks for your advice i appreciate it!


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              to properly do an soa lift you need to install a hi-steer kit because at flex the springs will hit steering components.


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                see thats the problem cause a high steer kit is out of my budget. So could i put like some yj springs on their and get some lift??


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                  i would sudjest saving up some money. do a job right the first time. a 3.5 blck diamond with shoks is only 450. and once those springs break in, there saposed to be softer than stock. thats what im doing. building up the drive train as im saving for a tire\lift combo.


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                    I am not aware of any junk yard lift options. YJ springs slung under the axle will actually lower your jeep (they are flatter)

                    If you are tight on money, go with the shackle lift or the add-a-leaf untill you can save enough/learn enough to install a proper lift.

                    Lift kits are the easiest way to go, especially if you stick with a reputable company. I have heard good things about the Black diamond, the 4WD hardware lift and for those silver spoon guys, old man emu is an excelent choice.

                    Remember, you don't have to do it all at once. a shackle lift will let you fit 31" tires with no problems. Don't rush it. For more info on an SOA lift check out this link. . .

                    I love my SOA, but I had to do a lot of engineering on my own to make it work without a high-steer setup. The high-steer will come around soon, but I don't need it right away.