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    I have an external gas gauge since the one that is with the speedometer doesn't work, the PO put this external one on, my question is, when I first turn the ignition the gas gauge will read, but when I crank it it will go all the way full, the only way I can tell how much gas is to pay attention to the gauge when I first turn the ignition, I know that once I get to a 1/4 tank it's on empty, i found this out the hard way, would this problem be the gauge or the float in the tank?


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    Previous Owners...

    Man, those guys can be a real PITA can't they? Skinhinajeep, it sounds like you may have 'multiple' troubles. I have done battle with the fuel gauge and felt like Custer doing so before it was all over. (Or, the way I imagine Custer must have felt during those last thirty seconds or so...) I wonder if the PO changed your sending unit? If not, your sending unit may not match your gauge with regard to ohmic value, or, you may need to calibrate it (sending unit). I performed this delicate calibration procedure by bending the float arm in my twenty-one gallon tank. I had the tank out so I put it on a level surface, put in six gallons and kept 'diddling' with the float arm length until my gauge read a quarter of a tank. (Go slow, this 'cal procedure' takes patience.) The gauge isn't accurate at all on the high end but it's the 'low end' that concerned me most. As far as you losing your indication upon cranking the motor... Well, I don't know about that... An all the way full indication sounds like you're losing the current path but since you have it with the ignition turned on that doesn't seem likely. Does your temperature gauge work? (The one in the speedo?) I believe I read on here that it shares voltage with the gas gauge. Did the PO run separate power to the gas gauge that he installed or, is it powered via the old gauge's circuit? If you can get to the terminals check the voltage on the gauge with the ignition in the position where the gauge works properly then again after you crank the motor. You may be losing voltage with the ignition switch in the 'returned' position but this appears to be the position that the gauge works in. I'm sorry I can't 'pinpoint'. There are a lot of variables involved with a gauge sometimes. I'm throwing at you and neither one may be worth catching. Some masters are going to have to step up on this one. Fuzz might have a word on this, or Lost One. Also, to verify sending unit calibration you may have to have to drop the tank. This would be a good time to make sure everything 'matches' electrically or, replace what needs to be replaced. Hold on... the mention of Fuzz's name made me remember something. If this helps, thank him next time you see him (FUZZ401). (Check your values... you may not have to drop the tank if the gauge doesn't read what the chart says.) Good luck