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  • 4.0 Injection or V8 in place of my 4.2?

    Okay, need some advice...
    I need to upgrade the horsepower in my 258 and I'm thinking of jerking the head, intake & exhaust manifolds along with the injection and all the crap that goes with it from a 87 Cherokee.


    Doing a Chevy V8 swap and injecting it later.

    Which would be easiest and/or least expensive and take the least amount of time? Any, and I mean any advice is appreciated.


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    You can also get an AMC V8. bolt in and will work with your factory tranny.



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      First off it depends how much you're pay for all that "stuff" from the '87 Cherokee. Second, how much HP you looking for? You're not going to get as much as you would with the V8.

      I think the cherokee swap would be easier. You would have to mess with pulling the engine, adapters, accessory mounting and etc. if you went with a small block.


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        I second the AMC V-8 if you need a lot of power. Other than that, put the 4.0 head on. With a small cam and an ignition upgrade, you might be surprised. Is that the 38/38 K551? If so, with these mods alone, you might be pushing 180 horsepower. You can add FI later to this setup if you need more. Might get another 15 to 20 horsepower. Anymore than that will take bucks on the 258 and then you might as well stick the V-8 in.


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          v8 all the way then inject it later. the amc is obviously the easiest, but i think the chevy will have gobs more upgrades readily available. i have a chevy and before i started having ignition problems with the new msd that sob would run like a bat outa hell and would scare the **** outa mustangs firebird and camaros. race a gt mustang and kicked his ***...race a formula and kicked his ***...granted this was not on the highway cause both would kill me in high end, but low torque and low gears in between lights that thing is a beast, once you go 8 you never go back, trust me...


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            a nicely built 304 would do you a world of good, and I don't think you need FI if you run an edelbrock (carter, same thing) 4 bbl. yeah, it might take some tuning in, but you can get the thing to run pretty darn well. My 304 will run like a scalded dog with his a$$ still on fire. can't say that about the old six that was in my wrangler. that thing couldn't hardly get out of it's own way. I have been subtly thinking about changing an AMC v-8 over to chevy TBI. Painless sells a manifold adaptor for the 2bbl tbi, but I think I would lose some performance going back to 2bbl. A guy could also use multi-point off a 302 mustang pretty easy I would think, just have to get the injectors in there somehow.

            Of course, if you really want the ticket, you can take out your spark plugs, put a set of injectors in there, and slap a mechanical pump on somewhere and run Diesel. SMOKER BABY!!!!


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              Originally posted by 79cj7duner
              Of course, if you really want the ticket, you can take out your spark plugs, put a set of injectors in there, and slap a mechanical pump on somewhere and run Diesel. SMOKER BABY!!!!
              Heck yeah! Or swap in a Powerstroke or Duramax! TORQUE MONSTER from HADES!


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                Sent you a PM, Tex...


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                  pull an AMC 360 & TF727 auto from a late(r) grand waggie and it will bolt right up to your d300. V8, auto, no adapters, no swap kits - Man is that the way to go! Well, you'll have to run at least 4" lift (for front driveshaft to clear the trans pan), but who doesn't want that?


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                    duratrash now that's funny!!!
                    are you :14: or something, I hope so at least. sheesh.

                    Everybody Knows that John Deere makes the best diesel engines in the world, with Caterpillar a close second.

                    but neither come from the factory in a pickup truck, so my vote goes 12 valve cummins (mech. pump). A jeep with a 4cyl John deere motor would be f'in sweet. I'd buy it.

                    'course then again, I've always wanted to yank the 466 out of my tractor an stick it in a fullsize ford tow rig.

                    and in my spare time...


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                      Yeah, I would rather do the AMC V8 swap but finding them in decent enough condition to build around Fort Hood is getting difficult. Thought I had a line on a 360 from a Grand today but it turned out to be a 304...I want "More Power", haha. I do not, however, want a automatic. I learned to drive with a manual and I will die driving a manual at least until the knees get too bad to push the clutch in. Seriously, thank you for the input and as soon as I figure what my paycheck will be like, (I retired from the Army yesterday), I will seriously persue the swap. So, in a nutshell...

                      Any V8 donations?


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                        Thank you for your service, sir. I sincerely appreciate the sacrifice.


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                          What's wrong with doo doo brown? Call it beer bottle brown