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  • Rollbar Question

    I have noticed on a few Jeeps that there is a bar on both sides going from the rollbar to the windsheild. I have looked but have been unable to find a kit for this. Is it custom? Is it stock from the factory? I'd like to put them on my jeep, but dont know were to start. I'm sure they must be bolted on, it cant be welded. Can anyone help me?
    like on this one i found. i noticed his dont connect to the floor, they connect to the winsheild. i'll probobly ask him.

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    you are right, those do bolt in..........into a YJ.

    The CJs dont have the holes for those to bolt in on the roll bar or the windshield frame. A yj roll bar does bolt into a CJ, but you need the whole thing plus the winshield frame and im not even sure if its compatible.

    your best bet would to have a front section fabricated and welded in, or you can just buy the front add on kit and have someone weld it in.

    nothing is gonna just "bolt" up.


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      bolts & bucks...

      Hey, CJ71985,

      Might be more bolts and bucks than you were willing to deal with but check it out. You might want to add this to your 'things to do when I get rich/er' list.


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        hey blackwater, that was pretty sweet, you could probobly fabricate something like that.


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          ohh well maybe i cold fabricate something or maybe one day ill get a yj (of course i'd have to try to change the square head lights to circular)


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            I wish... my 'fab skill' is the reason I was on that site in the first place. Remember it's bolt on stuff. Gets a lot of ridicule on here because of strength and tie in shortcomings. Just gotta decide how 'serious' you're gonna get off the road with your machine. Good luck.


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              I picket up a rollbar out of a '92 Yj and installed it. Looks and works grat, All I did was line up the extensions and drill and tap. If the bolts ever pull out, I'll drill a bigger hole and use an "Nut-sert" gun. btw Love the rear soulder strap seatbelts.


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                Window Frame...


                Did the YJ front side bars from the main bar to the window frame bolt up with few mods?


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                  Drilled and tapped 4 holes, other than that, they fit perfectly.

                  No other mods required to install the YJ bar. The seat belts in back do require drilling one hole in the side of the wheel well. The only hard part was finding one, till a donor showed up in the local junker and the guys there had no clue, so I picked up the rollbar, padding, extensions, seatbelts, and a cool lighted sound bar for $70.