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  • Warning To New Owners

    I took out my carpeting, and while removing the seatbelts, the floor around them was so rusted i puled it out with my hand. If i had gotten in an accident, i surely wouldnt be here today. Just a warning to new Jeepers who havent checked out that area. By the way, has anyone else had this problem? Granted Jeeps are such safe vehicals, it is important to make sure your seatbelts will hold in the event that you need them.Thanks.

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    Yea, the rust is a killer, especially where the carpet holds the moisture!

    I want my cj to be able to get wet without me feeling like it is hurting anything. I don't mind the spray on liners but eventually I got to think the appearance will be less than I desire and I don't think I want to get that stuff off!

    One guy I saw an ad for linex'd just the bottoms of the seat brackets (fiberglass body like mine) and around the rim where the doors and hard top rest. Still thinking about doing this, but undescided.

    My real problem may be that I am picky

    In the end I want a floor that kids can't gouge and is not a sponge
    (but fits tight)


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      when I got my CJ it was abused by the previous owners. the floor was not too bad but had some spots. so I cut out the rusted parts and welded in thicker plates, so I have extra strenght around the seat brackets and the belt locations and the tub mounts. and I have not put anything on the floor exept rhino lining, work fine so far and prevents things from sliding...


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        I was quite pleased with my bed liner covering up the spots in the tub I did not want to show. Not that I'm picky, just turned out that way. I also was slightly bit by the carpet bit but was lucky in that the rust had not worked its way through and the spots that had had already been replaced with new metal. I spreas some bondo down on the spots that had seams and rolled in the HERCULINER. Smooth as any bedliner would be. Of course if I was picky, I would not have used 16 rattle cans to make the JEEP one color rather than the 800+ quoted for a paint job that would not tape where I wanted taped and did not guarantee against overspray. Below is the finished product...

        Can't wait to scratch it on the trees in the woods.


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          Rattle Cans?

          Whoa! You're a rattle can expert, Scott. Looks Great! I think CFTJ was on here not long ago wondering how many rattle cans it would take to paint his Jeep.


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            When I re-did my interior I sanded ANY rust until the metal shined. Then I painted and re-painted. The carpet kit was going to cover it anyways so who cared what it looked like. I installed a 6 piece carpet kit. The molded front section goes from under the dash all the way under the front seats and partially up and over the bed where the bed piece overlaps it and the one piece fender covers.

            Anyways the main reason I chose this carpet kit is that it is "Mass-backed" (I think that is what it was called??). The carpet has a thick black rubber backing to it. Even if the carpet is soaked it won't go through - except around the edges of course. Anywhere else the tub was exposed I coated with Herculiner.

            Oh well that's my two cents.


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              FiberGlass Body Baby


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                POR15 Rocks!

                I used POR15 to fix the floorpan under my seat. It sealed up the rust and seems to have actually strengthened the floor.

                I got the silver stuff with the metal filler in it. It dried rock freakin' hard and took the wobble out of the seat.

                Now, mine was not rusted very badly, but enough to cause some problems soon if I did not fix it.

                I am planning to cover the rest of my rust spots with it asap. Good stuff (IMHO).