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  • CJ7 frame project

    This past weekend I finished off my 1981 CJ7 frame while jumping some sand dunes at Silver Lake MI. So in the winter I will be starting a project to replace my current cracked frame. Do any of you out there have an opinion on what frame to buy? Do I try to find a good used frame or buy a new one from 4WD? Have any of you used Matkins Extreme frames? What do I look for in a used frame? Just trying to get some good ideas before I start this project.


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    The dunes are all fun and games until you break parts!!!! My dad busted his early bronco frame up there two years ago, wound up doing a frame and tub swap on that one. If I hadn't wrecked/rolled my 79 it would have been there with me last week. There was a 1 ton chevy stuck in one of the water holes so bad it took two of the special wreckers to get him out. He had 38.5's, just to give you an idea.

    I am doing a frame swap on mine since the wreck. I don't think it's bent, but I don't trust it any more because I found a place on the opposite corner of the hit where the weld has separated between the two pieces of frame. That and the PO cut out and replaced a lot of the inside of both framerails, and I don't care for his fabricating abilities. Plus, I found a very nice used frame for $100, so it was a no-brainer. I would try to find a used one in the interest of the cost of new, but if you can swing the new one, I would probably get a stock replacement from matkins. My buddy is doing a matkins under his CJ5, and he got all the goodies, shackle reversal, HD skidplate, etc.

    Or you can take on the massive task of repairing it, seeing as how you've already sandblasted it


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      Like I posted in the other thread you had. EBay, but finding one that will ship is a bit harder and could cost more. I have found them but the price they want is usally higher than I want to pay. There are some companys in AZ that will ship up a good used non-rusted frame. I can't find the web sites now. I found one but their site is under construction and it doesn't look good. I know Collins Bros Jeep has used frames they sell. They will sometimes offer them up on ebay.