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    Hi. I'm a new member and would like to say hello. Have (2) 1976 CJ7's and (1) 1976 CJ5. Could anyone tell me how to tell whether a 1985 CJ transmission is a T4 or T5 without removing the cover and worse yet without a shifter? Driver side main casting is 13-52-065-904 and I assume the 13-52 is a five speed. But... Top cover and shifter housing are 13-51 ...... which I believe is a four speed. Appreciate any help! Thanks Jim H.

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    As someone wrote in response to a thread of my
    From there, if you still do not know, lose yourself in hyperlinks. I think you'll find out.
    Maybe you can just run it up the road and find all the gears, or, if it the host vehicle of the tranx is not running, see how many positions you get in gears.
    Oh yes, housing and cases often conflict in numbers as I found out. I don't know the reasons why.
    My opinion.
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      The T4 and T5 use the same case so casting numbers will most likely get you nowhere.

      You say the shifter has been removed? If so it is easy to tell.

      look down from the top and locate the hole that the bottom of the shifter fits into. (1/2 inch diameter or so) It is in a large squarish chunk of aluminum. Under that chunk is a groved channel that forms the shifting guide. you may have to move the shifting block arround ( the squarish chunk mentioned earlier) but you need to pay close attention to the croved passage. The passage will look like either two H's that share one leg (HH) for the T5 and if it looks like the H on the left has the bottom left half of the leg missing then it is a T4 ( think of an open toped 4 next to the H) hope it helps.


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        The T-5 unlike the 4 will have a buldge on the shift lever housing for the overdrive. The casting number will start with 13-52. The T-4s start with 13-51.


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          Thanks for help - Have T-4

          Found that regardless which number the main casting has the shifter housing must be 13-51 for 4 speed, 13-52 for five speed. "Bulge" on shifter casting is definitly a five speed. Thanks for great help!


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            Good deal you figured it out, I knew there was someone who could tell you better than me.
            One thing I am sure of though, the 4--or 5--is weak when it comes to moderate to hard trailing. I'd keep that in mind for whatever your plans.