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  • front axle done!!! broke a brake line

    I ended up having my buddy bore the hole bigger in the innner axle to fit the bigger u joint. Looks like it will work pretty good. I put a bunch of weld beads to thicken the outer edge for more strengh on the yoke.

    Now i have a rebuilt whole front axle. Gears were all good, but inner axle seals all new bearings and seals, almost every seal or bearing u can get went in new. Got it all put back together and the shop cleaned up.

    I went down the road and tested the brakes since the calipers were off, and i really stomped on them which i have never done before, they were locking up on gravel, then the pass side brake line blew. SOB!! Guess i shouldnt have done that. The stainless steel lines rubbed agianst the tires before i noticed it the plastic brake line was showing. I drove it like this for 4 months or so but know that i stomped on the brake they blew at that same spot they were rubbing before.

    Now i need two new front brake lines, no one in town has one since its lifted 4" Any way i think i will cover the new lines with some rubber hose that way if they rub on something i will notice before the lines are wrecked.

    Anyone know where i can get just the front brake lines??

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    Probably a good thing you blew the line like you did. I'm pretty sure 4WD sells them for up to 4" of lift. And congrats on the axle job.
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      Originally posted by blackwater
      Probably a good thing you blew the line like you did. I'm pretty sure 4WD sells them for up to 4" of lift. And congrats on the axle job.
      I agree 100%.


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        4WD has the Goodridge and I love these. Get the whole set and put the spares on the shelf. Not a bad idea to have a spare set around when they cannot be bought at the local store when they break.


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          What i had or have is the goodrich, but i saw some similar ones and i think they are still goodrich with a rubber coating outside the stainless. Anyone know what those are??


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            Crown Industrial...

            Jodean, Crown Industrial makes one that fits what you are describing. I'm not sure about the quality, though. I believe Russell makes one but I've read on here that Goodridge is superior in quality. You'll have to do some research.


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              Well my old brake lines were the goodrich.

              The new ones i found at

              These are far superior. They have a brass end that bolts to the caliper then the lines screws onto the brass. They are stiff and strong. A little larger diameter than goodrich. And my brake pedal falling to the floor is now gone, but i suspect that to be the proper brake bleeding unlike before PO.

              I think they were only $45 and i couldnt find anywhere that goodrich sold only the front. I kept my goodrich in the rear, its fine.

              I am going to get all my brake lines for all cars at this place from now on.