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    well, im thinking about my next mod. in teh futer i want to re gear and put lockers in, but thats alot of $$$. in the meantime, i want to do some smaller stuff as the lockers and such can wait. i was looking at what i can do for around 150$ and saw the twin stick. how useful is having twin sticks?? or is it novelty?

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    The twin sticks can be helpful depending on the type of wheeling you do. It gives you the ability to individually select the front or rear wheels. It also gives you the option of 2L. With that said, being able to select front wheel drive only is really helpful in making quick turns. Its useful in rockcrawling when you need to make a sharp turn by disabling the rear wheels which push in the forward direction and rely solely on the steering wheels to pull the vehicle in that direction. Personally, unless you are rockcrawling or run very narrow trails that require tight turns, its not worth it. But if you are then go for it. just my .02


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      a while back my d300 shifter broke off at the bottom of the threads where the knob screwed on. a replacement shifter was very expensive. i got a twin stick shifter off ebay for like $60. it was an easy mod.

      then one day my rear ujoint went bye-bye at the axle. the twin stick allowed me to drive home in FWD and the rear dshaft just hung there still. moral of the story, i didn't have to drop the rear shaft.

      plus, with winter coming up, you can do doughnuts in reverse when it's snowy out.

      is it really a must have mod? i'd say no. but i'm glad i have mine. i probably wouldn't just do the mod, but like i said, it was a money saver issue that made me go twin stick. plus, you'll have to do something with the tranny cover plate on the floor. your twin stick boot won't cover the hole the stock shifter boot covers.


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        When I put a D300 back in my jeep the twin stick was cheaper than a O.E. shifter.

        and so people with no idea can ask you whats up with 3 shifters