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  • To Bondo or not to Bondo, Part 2

    OK, its been a while since I have posted, and Im sure you were all missing me dearly. anyhow, I got the rust cut out, and new metal welded in. I actually got to be halfway decent fitting the pieces in, but my welding still sucks. I think I need a short extention cord.

    I decided to use a little bondo to fill in cracks at the welds. This is how it turned out. even my dad was impressed. Sorry I don't have a decent before picture, but most rusty jeeps look alike. It certainly not show quality by any means, but from 20' away its not too bad. and the neighbors all like it better.

    The plan is this winter to flat fender it, and enlarge the rear opening, The original color is burgandy, so I will need to pull and paint the dash, and the inside of the doors. Then in the spring paint it Rustoleum "sunburst yellow". I'm considering red flames on the hood, but the wifey thinks I may be a little old to pull it off... after is painted, I'll herculiner the inside.
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    not too bad. if your welds are good you can grint them out flat with the metal then skim it over with bondo and sand most of it back off. thats the best way to do it. they less bondo on there the better. you should always prime the area with metal etching primer BEFORE you bondo also, otherwise it will rust under the bondo within a year and show bubbles under the paint.


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      that looks very good. i've found that if you have a disc sander, using an extremely course sand paper will work well on grinding off welds and doesn't dig like an angle grinder will on body metal.


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        On missing a Jeeper...

        Believe it or not, CFTJ, I actually did wonder where you had 'run off' to just this morning. Jeep's lookin' good, man. You'll get there... patience and perserverance.


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          Lookin' good cftj !!!

          I'm about a year into my restoration now. I've lost count of the of spools of wire, bottles of gas and steel plate I've used up. Now starts the bondo which I won't need much of because of my superb (yeah right) welding skills.

          I hope to be as far along as you are by spring.

          I'm curious tho, what kind of goop did you use to cover the seams -- like inside the rear fender wells where the panels come together, same places inside the tub, etc.



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            When I redid mine, I got some DuPont seam sealer from NAPA ... It seems like it has held up pretty well thus far ....


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              I've finally gotten around to painting my jeep... Its what you'd call a 30' paint job... (doesnt start looking good until youre atleast 30' away) It took 8 cans of spraypaint... eventually I want to get some herculiner on the inside, which is why I didnt paint that part...



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                That's right smart for a rattle can, CFTJ. Getcha somethin' to trim those rocker panels and you'll be set.


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                  I have some 3x3 angle I plan to make rocker guards out of, but it keeps falling do the priority list. I wish I wouldnt have gotten so excited and started trimming before I was ready.


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                    Great looking rattle can job ... somehow Jeeps just look good in bright yellow !