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    I have a vacuume line leak on my wifes 86' CJ7 & I can't find it.
    I would like to take all of them off.
    The motor is stock w/ a stock 2bl carb, 4 speed etc.
    I want to get rid of the stock air filter also cause that has vacuume lines on it.

    Should I or Should I not disconect ALL of the lines?

    And if so does anyone have any recomendations on what vacuume lines I should leave besides the distributor, egr.

    I might have to change out the carb also due to the vacuume lines on it as well.

    P.S. I will still be searching for this vacuume line that doesen't exist!

    P.S.S. W/ 63,500 original miles on the stock 86' isn't bad but it's time for a change.

    Have A great Day!


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    I think you are having the same problems that I am dealing with. Check out my post " NEWBIE CJ7 posted a few days ago.


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      SPA84CJ7, Yes we are hitting on the same thing, Thanks.

      I would like to keep the current carb for the wifes Jeep & not get into the fuel inj. right know because it only has about 20 thousand miles on it & it is good enough for her & it helps keep her speed down, HAHAHAHA.

      I just want to get rid of the vacuume lines so I don't have to put up w/ them anymore & maybe gain some H.P. to boot.
      Of course I need some of them, I'm just wondering if I am creating a monster or not.
      Maybe I'll keep chasing down the bad one & call it quits.

      Like my mechanic friend who owns his own garage say's, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

      Have A Great Day!



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        20k miles on an 86.....WOW. And I thought having 80k miles on an 84 was great. I am very interested to know what response you get to your vacuum lines questions. I am pursuing a carburator change out with another forum member. I would also like to get rid of vacuum lines as a temporary solution.

        I will follow your post.


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          Let me specify w/ great specificity, look @ my post again, I have 63,500 original miles on the 86' & only 20k on the carb.
          I installed a new carb a couple of years ago because it was doing the same thing & I'm tired of it.
          Rebuild kits don't seem to work right.?
          Sorry for any confusion I may of caused.

          P.S. If you hear of anything please let me know.

          Have A Great Day!




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            I was having similar problems until I changed my carter 2bbl for a Weber 2bbl kit. If I remember right it the Weber kit eliminated all the vacuum lines except for the EGR.


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              JBSGROUP...thanks for the clarification. Should have reread your original post. My carb has also been replaced........a rebuilt job identical to what was in the Jeep when new.


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                I really don't know what to do about the vacuum problem but I would like to congradulate you on the term "specifity". Being the misplaced Missouri redneck I am, I appreciate learning new words.

                Good luck with the vaccuum thing.



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                  Sorry Bob, I forgot the "C" in Specificity.

                  Thanks for all the help on this site.

                  Have A Great Day !



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                    Well ya know what, I didn't forget the "C", it's late & I have a wedding to go to tomorrow, been up to long today.

                    But it is kind of a joke around here " specificity"
                    See ya,

                    Thanks again,


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                      First Option-
                      Get rid of the computer by doing a "Nutter Bypass" and then upgrade the Ignition using an TFI. has a lot of information and kits for upgrading your ignition. Very easy 2hour job.

                      Second Option -
                      Get rid of computer and ignition module. HEI system only needs hot wire no computer or ignition module.

                      Third -
                      Weber carb.

                      You want believe the horse power gain and smooth running 258 you will end up with.

                      I have done both to 258 Jeeps and both run or so well..


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                        If you are going to stay stock, you need each and every one of those lines. Just go to a parts store and get 600 feet of vacuum line. Maybe not that much. Pull one hose off, cut a section of line to the same length and replace. Just don’t break any plastic nipples off of anything and you should be just fine. A lot of those lines are for the computer to control timing. That’s if you want to stay stock. Now if you bypass that ‘puter, you can lose a lot of hose. Hope this helps.


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                          Hey jbsgroup If you want to find the vac. leak grab your propane torch, turn on the gas, DO NOT LIGHT, or you will have way more problems than a vac leak. Start probing around in the areas of possible vac leaks the engine will speed up when found. Hope that will help you find the problem without much cost


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                            Hey, thanks a bunch for the info. I think I have her convinced that a Weber would be the way to go. I guess she's tired of me complain.

                            I told her about the 600 feet of vacuume line. HAHAHAHAHA! :lol:

                            Have A Great Day!


                            P.S. Go U.S.A. :t