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  • '95 YJ Air problem..

    So The Jeep decided to give out on me on the way home from college for the weekend. Here's what I found to be the problem, the air filter box and air filter itself were covered in oil, coming out of the PCV Valve off the top of the engine. Once I cleaned that up it was able to start again. I have known that the valve was having problems for a while, but I haven't been able to change it. The guy I talked to about it a year ago or so said it should pull straight out, but it doesn't.

    My dad is saying it could be a camshaft problem with one of the valves leaking on the inside which could be related to the pcv valve? I know when I had it on I could see the oil in form of steam being blown out the PCV valve, so that's not good.

    Anybody have this problem before, or any advice on steps to take?

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    Oil being blown into the air box means that there's too much crankcase pressure that's blowing crankcase gases and oil through the crankcase fresh air line. Now the 95 Wrangler doesn't have a PCV system, it has what's called a CCV system or closed crankcase ventilation system. So either the CCV orifice is plugged up or your engine's piston rings are worn out and allowing combustion gases into the crankcase. Valve and camshaft problems should not cause high crankcase pressure.

    There is only a calibrated orifice (small hole) inside one of the plastic grommets located in the valve cover, not a vacuum operated PCV valve. You didn't say whether you have or 4 or 6 cylinder engine. If you have a 4 cyl, the grommet in the front vacuum line going to the engine valve cover has the orifice. If you have the 6 cyl, the grommet that has the orifice is in the back topside of the valve cover. If these have never been removed, they are probably glued shut or coked up from age, so it will probably take a little effort and maybe a broken plastic elbow to get it apart. I would check that this orifice is not blocked before doing more to find out the cause your oil blow-by.


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      That would make sense, will have to keep trying to get that valve off, hopefully that is the only problem.

      Thanks for the help.