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  • Buying a Grand Cherokee some questions

    My GF is looking to buy a 97 Grand cherokee. It has just over 111,000 mile and it is in MINT condition in the inside and outside, they are asking $8900. I checked N A D A and they said it should sell from $6500-$8900. I havent heard the engine drive yet, but i will next weekend. What should i look for as far as problems that are know with this year SUV??

    Any help would be great. i have some pics of what it looks like but there still on my camera.

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    a bit high on miles but the price sounds fare. Not sure what the price of a GC goes for but it sounds good to me. If you have a family mech. or know someone that might check it out for you I for sure would do that. check for major fluid leaks. check the owners driveway or were ever they park it see if there is fluids oil leaks on the ground. test it in 4 highand 4 low. I'm not sure of any problems that might be comen with the 97s but just check the basic.


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      buying agc some questions

      check the transmissions for the slightest problems if any get it inspected before you buy i bought a 93 gc 36 days later ibought a new transmission for it it also was great shape with high mileage. when i suspect trouble with an older vehicle i trade it in on a new one then someone has a used jeep to look at be careful. good luck