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  • crank sensor on a 93 5.2L

    curious as to who has changed the crank sensor in there early 90's grand cherokee, specifically a 93, with the 5.2L. Its on the pass side, behind the head and far enough down where a normal person cant see it. Im curious as to exactly what size the bolt it, it feels to be a Torx 40 but I am not 100% and dont want to strip it since its in a bad location. And before anyone mentions it, it can not be accessed from the bottom with out pulling the transmission...

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    Hi Brian,

    If I remember right its a 11mm and yes using a 1/4" drive extra,extra long ext. and 1/4" 11mm swivel socket you should be able to get to it thru the mid section of the tranny and the shift lever. Have fun and good luck


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      i got it out today, its actually an allen head bolt. i pulled the motor mount bolts, let the motor drop and was then able to get back in there from the top side. its impossile to do from the bottom, the bolt heads go down from the top, a major PITA.


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        You're right as rain.
        I was thinking of the XJ
        6mm allen, right?

        Try removing the intake to fix a inner belly pan gasket leak and remove the EGR tube!!! Yeh!!!
        Glad to see ya got it.


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          yup, thats the guy...luckily this intake gasket is not leaking...looks like its already been done.


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            that tube is a b*tch. I had to take a $48 Snap On wrench and heat it and bend it to work around everything back there. What a pain.