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  • a sucky problem

    I have a sucky problems. There is a vacuum line comming from my front axle that is not hooked up.. where does it go ? I have stood on my head, crawled around and cant find where it goes. Would it cause my ac to go to defrost when i floor it? makes mergin on the interstate a little hot.

    Also the ole jeep is getting hot.. the ac will stop working when at idle, but works fine on the highway. I am thinking fan clutch.. am I right ? The new wife on her first "muddin" adventure.

    The tires didnt even touch the bottom, gota love it when the only thing touching is the tranny !

    A hour and a half with a "come along" and 2 tow straps I got it free. I hit that little hole and a million frogs jumped out. It hasnt rained in 3 months and this was the only mud hole for miles. Sure did stink too.. sticky mud that broke me out in a rash on my legs.. if you look on the left side on the jeep in the hole you will see some kind of metal. My front tire jumped over it and hung me up. It was a large square pipe of some kind. I was in LBL (land between the lakes) in Kentucky.

    I guess its time for a lift kit. I dont have much time to do a tear down in the ole drive way. I dont need anything too wild. I need simple and no more then a weekend to do. Any ideas ?
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    The vacuum thingy on your axle is your axle lock. When you put it in 4WD it engages your front axle. If it's not working, it's probably why you got stuck. No 4WD. You can repair it, buy and after market manual cable to engage it or go with a one piece axle on the passenger side and be rid of the old.

    As far as the A/C. The fan clutch is for cooling and really has nothing to do with the A/C. Your computer may be disengaging the A/C because of the overheating. If you're having problems just when wheelin', I'd say that's normal. If the problem persists in traffic, then you may have a problem and not necessarily just the fan clutch. Maybe clogged rad, old water pump, cooling system needing cleaned for starters.


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      well i put a new radiator on last year, so all that should be fine. I only put maybe 4000 miles on it since then. I know when my jeep is hot i can turn the fan by hand really easy. It should be like that right? when its hot it should be stiff ?

      Do you know where that vacuum line goes? its still hooked up on the axle. I think i pulled it off when i was running through the weeds. BTW its full time 4WD. 95 GC 5.2


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        Heh Regulator: congrats on the new wife thing.....
        As far as wheelin with those stock tires they gotta go 1st.
        get ya some BFG's AT's.
        Next the vacuum line on you axle is actually the axle breather hose and should be mounted to the left side of your radiator on the header panel.

        Your vent/defrost/heat mode is and should be that 1/4"in plastic line coming from up underneath the battery that runs around the right fender to the back of the firewall to the back of the motor. As it comes from underneath the battery you'll find that battery acid has corroded it and it leaks vacuum there. Get you a piece of rubber vacuum hose and cut out the old plastic tube thats corroded and slip on the rubber hose.

        Sounds like the ac needs a booster shot of R134-A.

        as far as the overheating hard to say...whats the temp gauge reading when you think its gettin' hot???

        as far as the lift go with a budget boost until ya get used to wheelin the "ole' ZJ'


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          yeah i wish when i bought those tires, i would have bought something a little more "mean". But 2 years ago i didnt think i would be out in the mud with her, she looked so clean. A 1 owner 95 GC with 140xxxx miles, mosty highway by an old man in his 80's going to florida twice a year. Anyways, should have bought some MT instead of AT's !

          The AC is all charged up, that was the first thing I checked. Since i posted this first i tore in to her, managed to get the radiator pulled back and saw the caked on mud between the everything. I have had the ole GC door handle deep in mud more then a few times. The mud was really caked in there. i spent over an hour with a hose washing everything out. My driveway looks like a mud slick more then a block long. !

          i thought about one of those buget boosts, but dont know what to get. Everybody has an opion on them. I just want something that works well. My GC is a daily driver, well 15miles round trip to work. I need something that isnt too wild for now. When i get a new jeep this spring, might keep this one as a toy. Then it will be time to spend some money.


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            I guess you could call those all terrians?? more like an all season though. Glad to hear the overheating was to mud!! You know unless you go extreme with the ZJ no need to go out and spend money on mud terrian tires. BFG's AT's work great!

            Happens to the best of us!!

            Good luck on the Jeepin' thing. Dont be afraid to ask any kind of questions on here, we'll try and help out w/o givin' ya a hard time.
            Remember the stupid question is always the one you was afraid to ask, then something happens.
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              If your 4wd is working correctly on your ZJ, then it's not a vacuum line; it's the vent tube for the diff & it;s just supposed to be ran up as high as it can be in the engine bay.

              Budget boosts (coil spacers) are fine for ZJs & wont be that expensive or detrimental to daily driving.


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                i have the same issue about gettin on the gas and the blower vents all go to dash in my GC.. i think the vacuum line is hooked up to the wrong port on the motor, seems its on the "suck only on NOT full throttle" instead of "suck all the time"


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                  This is my pick for an inexpensive, but well designed kit:

                  Here's a link to the page: click. Includes new front coils (you move the stock fronts to the rear), 4 shocks, adjustable front track bar, rear track bar mount, and a transfer case drop kit.

                  I don't work for anyone - I just found this to be the best mild kit out there, and it happens to be the best price.