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  • Two Questions

    I'm new to this forum; I just bought a 95 GC V-8 35 front 44 rear, 249J.

    I have researched it and found some info about a purple/yellow tracer wire to permemnantly ground out. Problem is there's more than one blk plug behind the DS kick panel. Does anyone have a link or any photos of how to do it?

    2) "NP/NV 249J"
    I've heard some good & bad things about it. It seems to be misunderstood according to Rockland. They say it's a very good case as long as some simple things are followed, it can hold up to 600HP as well. Does anyone have experience with it? The guy I bought it from said it was the case but it's turned out not to be the VC but a bad D/S motor mount which I fixed for free. I did find a receipt in the GC from a year ago that he spent 1400 bucks and had it rebuild, they didn't do a good job, and lucky I flushed it out and found some disturbing things that I can fix before it blew. Rockland said one misunderstanding is when the VC is replaced the weaker D-35 ring & pinion could be have been damaged from a once bad VC. The D-44 will hold up better than the D-35 so I believe the case is ok now however I may have a D-35 problem up front.
    Thanks for your help in advance,

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    1) Why disconnect the alarm???

    2) the viscous only couples the front to the rear with it senses wheel slip.
    should never cause the rear ring and pinion to go out.
    Worked for Jeep for about 15 yrs., never seen a D35 go out because of a bad viscous. Have seen many people run smaller spare tire and burn up front or rear axle.
    3) U talk about something being rebuilt, what was it?
    4) when I used to service the NP249/231/242, t-cases I'd find RTV, and alum. shavings. All normal, unless exessive noises or problems.
    NewProcess never flushed or cleaned the cases too much before assembly. There are magnets in the bottom to collect metal.
    5) Actually the D44A gave us more problems than the D35 ever gave me.
    6) the front diff is a D30 non-disconnect. Hub & Bearings were about the only problems/maint., I seen.
    7) never disconnect one of the driveshafts and run w/o it'll burn the viscous up in a heart beat....

    Good luck


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      Sorry Computer problems.

      Thanks for all the helpful in site. My power supply crapped out, that took my key board with it.

      1) I'm using the jeep for the farm and I just don't want the alarm. You sound like you*re the man that could help me find the purple wire and permanently ground it out.

      2) I've investigated it more and I have a D30 up front and a D35 in the rear not a 44. The transfer case was rebuilt and the VC is new.

      3) The front pinion is loose up down, side to side. I'm going to leave it alone for now but will re-build it later. I get a click click up front when the wheels are turned so when I do the CV's I*ll redo the whole thing.

      4) You said something that peaked my interest....I'll burn out the VC if I leave the front D/shaft off??? Why? There is no load and the VC would just stay locked would it not?

      5) I just took my Rear end apart and made it a Miller Locker (Brother to the Lincoln Locker) Remember it's staying on the farm. I wanted to change gear oil and check things out anyway. I'm a machinist/welder so I used proper cleaning tech and proper rod. It's real strong and I can still get the axles in and out because I welded the gears to the case not to the pin or to them-selves. As well I have stock tires on it so the load will be minimum at all times. Now I'll have a true 3-wheel drive.
      Thanks hope you reply.


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        Retorque your front pinion. You may end up shearing teeth formthe ring or pinion with it like that. It's not making proper contact with the pinion.


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          Thanks...I planned on fresh gear oil & torque it. When I said I was going to leave it alone I meant I was not going to do bearings, seals & crush sleeve.
          Thanks for the advice...please check out "No park in Park" same GC forum....Give me your opinion...I'm 46 and have only used 203, 205 & 208 cases mainly in dodges. I like this case and have reasearched it but I'm puzzled about the park thing. Hope to hear from you on that thread.