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  • Tie rod ends

    Looks like the bushings are shot, so I already got the new tie rod ends and hope to put them on this week. It's always something.

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    Its 2 weeks later and

    I don't want to see another tie rod end for a long time. I bought 2 tie rod ends and a steering stabilizer bar, I think, well, it was the bar at the very front on the right, whatever that is called; curved, and attached to the sleeve maybe the draglink?. The first tre (tie rod end) went into the end of the bar, the other was supposed to go at the end of the sleeve on the left side tire. My son and I start taking things apart, something my college age son was surprizingly good at, and borrowed a pickle fork from my neighbor. That's when we notice we need at least 2 more tre's. So off to the store we go.
    We buy two more, bring them home, take off the old, and put on the new, except one doesn't fit the end of the sleeve that fits into the backside of the bar/draglink. So another trip to the auto parts store with the tre that doesn't fit. I buy the other variety, we are working with parts 3094L and 3096L. I take in a 3096L and get a 3094L. The tre 3094L doesn't fit either. My son suggests the threading is bad on the sleeve. So I go buy another sleeve. I bring it home and the tre 3094L still doesn't fit. By now, I am sick and tired of driving the 12 miles into town and back and I am mad because the store didn't know, didn't have on its computer, that you need two 3094s, 1 3096 and some other tre that I don't even know about.

    So I take one more drive the next morning, with the 3094L and the new sleeve with me. I walk into the store and the salesgirl can tell I've had it, so she keeps quiet. I say to her, "Do you possibly have a 3rd type of tie rod end that would fit on this sleeve, because if you don't, I'm bringing in all the parts I bought and I want my money back." Now, what I really intend on doing is taking the sleeve to the jeep dealership ($) to ask for the mystery tie rod end if this store doesn't have it, but she doesn't know that. Lo and behold! there is a 3rd tie rod end, it's a 3095R. When we pull it out of the box, it fits right on the sleeve. I swap it for the 3094L, and I head home. I am so happy, especially since the hubby has been pressuring me to get the job done as the ZJ is our only "new" car and the air conditioning works, and he wants to drive it on a trip he has soon.

    I slowly and carefully reassemble the sleeve with the correct tie rod ends and connect them to the jeep. I fill them with grease. I put all the tools away and I take it for a test drive. Yeah, there's lots of noise because it needs an alignment, but it also steers. I'm done, done, done with tie rod ends.


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      At least you did it yourself, and now you know what you need if they ever need replaced again.


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        Tie rod ends

        dj jeepin,
        that's true, but of course there is always those little details. We did not torque the crown nuts to 35lbs, because we didn't know we had to (me and son) and so when we had the alignment done, it couldn't have been right. So, I'll have to take it back and have alignment redone. Just lucky I had the right wheel bearing tightened the very next day to stop the front right tire from wobbling, and the mechanic caught the fact that the tie rod end bolts were too loose.