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  • Time to Start it up!

    Hey guys!
    Ok so my first thread I wanna let everyone know I have a burgandy 1996 jeep grand cherokee 4.0L l6.

    I just replaced the battery on it and now am ready for a whole tune up.
    Plugs, wires, rotor, dist. Cap, already have a k & n air filter, fuel filter.

    But I may need a starter!! She's starting a lot better now now that I replaced the battery but I had issues earlier before that. I can get a great deal on a new starter. My buddy from work is ASE certified and is telling me I can just do it myself. Well 1. I've never used jack stands (which I will be using my buddies) and 2. Is the starter as easy as everyone is telling me to replace?
    Also fuel filter installation not sure how to

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    The started is two bolts holding it in and two bolts for the wires to the battery. It is very simple, very simple.

    The fuel filter is a clip system, even easier, and is on the drivers side above the axle in front of the gas tank. Becareful with the hoses while unclipping I busted one and had to drop the gas tank to fix it.



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      Ok sweet yea starter seems easy. Its on the bottom I heard so ill have to crawl under im prolly small enough to get under there.
      I heaard for the fuel filter id have to bleed this and that. Why can't I just take it off and put newone on?


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        The fuel filter is simple, pop the old one off, put the new one on. Starting it may take a second because you lost the fuel pressure. Turn the key to the "ON" position but dont start it (this will let the fuel pump pressurise the system again) then try to start it up. If it doesnt start immediately try turn to the "ON" position again.


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          Isn't it better to turn it to ON then off then ON then OFF then ON then start? Was told that by a mech. Takes a couple of times with new filter!


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            Originally posted by Unholyskorn86 View Post
            Isn't it better to turn it to ON then off then ON then OFF then ON then start? Was told that by a mech. Takes a couple of times with new filter!

            Its just a matter of the fuel pump filling up the filter. I think either is okay.


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              Ok, was just checking because when the regulator on my pump died the guy said turn it on off on off a couple times to build up the pressure. Once would not build enough and might burn something out (Starter)


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                well i got my starter off VERY easily and tested it...its fine. so i resumed with the tune up and then my last thing is the fuel filter.
                i read somewhere that i had to bleed somthing out or something not sure...but once i trake the old fuel filter off will it leak or anything? or will i just disconnect everything take it off and put it back on?


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                  You may get drizzled with a little gas. If you want to release pressure in the system go into the engine bay and find the silver metal fuel line that runs to the fuel injectors. There will be a plastic cap (green usually) covering something that looks like a tire valve. Take the plastic cap off and press the valve (like your taking air pressure out of a tire) with the engine off. That will relieve the pressure in the system.