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  • High Idle.. and my quest to fixing it. 2.5L

    So anyway this is the way it goes. Last week i noticed that my engine was acting kinda funny. Not funny haha but when i would push in the clutch to shift, the RPM's would jump slightly and slowly fade back down. Over the next couple days it got worse to the point where the jeep would idle at about 2000rpms. It was the weekend and i couldn't get into my shop so i thought about it some. I was thinking maybe a sensor was bad and there was a request for more engine rpm.

    The Fix...

    Got into the shop today and didnt notice any vacuum leaks nor could you hear any. Throttle was closed tight. Hooked up the DRBIII and showed an IAC count of ZERO. Well i must have a leak. Got out some carb cleaner and started spraying. Noticed that when i sprayed at the #4 injector the engine would bog down. Ok so either its the injector O-ring leaking or the intake manifold. Decided to try and tighten the Intake Manifold down to be sure. Got the tightening sequence and right away i noticed a problem. The inside bolt on the right side was GONE. Nothing there but a hole. Odd... It looked crummy in there so who knows. Went to the next bolt all the way to the right. It turned at least 3/4 turn. Odd... Went to inside left bolt. Turned at least 2 full turns... very bad. Yes the intake manifold bolts on my 120k rusted engine were backing out.

    I do not know if the recent cold spell couple with the frequent heating and cooling caused this but its an idea.

    Anywho Next time you are under the hood.. check them bolts.


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    Yep I found the same issue with my 97 2.5L... The guy I bought it from couldn't figure out what the issue was (high RPM's, and a whistling noise)... I got a good deal on the jeep and he thought I was buying a jeep with a bad motor... Laughs on him... I figured out the issue in a day... And just like you it was missing one bolt and the rest were backed off a full turn or better... So I am guessing that solved the idle problem??