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  • what are your "to-do" lists for you jeep?

    my "must do" list:
    1) fix leak in power-steering system - thinking the pump is shot
    2) replace all 4 shocks and the steering stablizer
    3) replace brakes all around (4 new rotors and 8 new pads)
    4) new bump-stops and bushings for the suspension
    5) new contol arms (at least new lowers all around and front uppers... but might as well replace the rear uppers while i'm at it)
    6) new trac-bars (see above - might as well do it while i'm under there)
    7) new exahust system from the manifolds back

    my "would like to do" list:
    1) roof rack with light and spare tire mounts
    2) a cd player (stuck with a non-working factory cassette right now)
    3) new speakers (3 blown speakers in the infinity system)
    4) rear cargo drawer/rack/orginizer of some sort
    5) pull off all exterior trim and get it rino-lined along with the bumper thumper
    6) new CB system

    i'm sure i am leaving some stuff out... lol... but the "just empty every pocket" mantra is alive and well when it comes to my jeep.

    what is/are everyone else's lists for the spring/summer?

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    "Must do"

    1. Fix fuel pump
    2. Fix front drive shaft u-joint
    3. Fix a leaky water bottle for the sprayers

    "Would like to do"

    1. Fix up a air intake
    2. 2.5in. lift
    3. 32's
    4. slip yoke eliminator
    5. 4.88 gears
    6. solid axle shafts front and back
    7. Lockers front and back
    8. new front bumper
    9. winch
    10. about 4 kc daylighters
    11. new cam shaft
    12. redesign my swing away arm to fit my high lift jack on it
    13. tuffy center console
    14. roll cage
    15. rock sides with step
    16. hard top
    17. hard doors
    18. Sailcloth top
    19. overhead console
    20. discos
    21. b&m shifter

    then eventually atlas transfer case, but in no particular order ,,,considering i'm still in college


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      oh yea

      and flat fenders


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        jeep Must Do List

        1) Build It Bigger

        2) Build It Stronger

        3) Beat It Harder

        Any Questions


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          never said it any better



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            Gotta do as soon as I get a chance:
            Replace motor mounts
            remove rear tracbar
            remove old gas tank skid plate, replace
            replace plexiglass rear window
            get brakes checked, probably replaced
            fix parking brake...doesn't really work now
            replace gauges (oil pressure & temp don't work, voltmeter is dying, no light behind gas)
            fix horn (old owner lost the wires in the steering column somewhere)

            Want to do:
            See my post for my rig -


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              0. finish wiring for towing (by thursday!)
              1. TAKE OFF HARD TOP! The weather is much too nice!
              2. valve cover gaskets
              3. oil drain plug
              4. power steering pump
              5. axle vent tubes
              6. check t-case leak
              7. thermostat housing/gasket


              1. hop-ups for the 304:
              a. edelbrock intake
              b. cam
              c. heads
              d. holley truck avenger
              e. headers
              f. dual hushpower II's
              2. full traction SRS
              3. 1" body bushings
              4. 35" swampers
              5. dana 18
              6. front d44
              7. f/r selectable lockers
              8. seats
              9. console
              10. roll cage (probably should be a "must", but I'm broke)

              you know I forgot something.......


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                must do's:

                get out and wheel a "hella vellat" more!
                Get my Airraid installed.
                Order a set of S/B dicso's.

                Beef up or replace my D30 and 35. Purchase Lockers for now, but thinking of swappin for D44's or the Ford 8.8 when the warranty is up.
                Swap my 4 cyllie for a Cummings deisel. Just think of the torque! Hooo-ah!
                Overhead rack system w/ tire carrier.
                Long arm kit...about 4".
                An insane paint Job.
                Onboard air and a winch.

                Arrrrrrrrrrgh......just too many things

                Too many wants


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                  these two will be done within the next two months.
                  -finish rebuilding the 304 and install it
                  -locker in rear

                  these will get done at some point.
                  -finish all the "little unimportant" things from last years resto.
                  -would like some better backspaced wheels
                  -new cutout flares


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                    Must do's:

                    1.New U-Joints for the front end
                    2. Fix steering box/replace.
                    3. Fix heat sheild above cat rattle
                    4. New cat-back exhaust
                    5. Fix leaking D35 plug
                    6. Beat the piss out of it again and repeat steps 1-5.

                    Like to do:

                    1. Finnaly decide on the perfect lif
                    1a. Sye/cv
                    2. Warn bumpers
                    3. Warn 8000k winch
                    4. Win the lotto to afford all that.
                    5. d44 rear end swap
                    6. dual arb's/regear


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                      I don't even know where to start


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                        Please dont make me think about it


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                          1. Buy a Jeep.
                          2. Mod. the hell out of it.


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                            Mine is list is short:
                            1. buy winch
                            2. build rear bumper/tire carrier
                            3. touch up paint on rusted spots on bumper, rock rail, and light mounts

                            Anyone have about $700 laying around to donate to the TJ fund? It's a non-profit organization and it's 100% tax deductable...LOL


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                              must do list:

                              1. Replace cracked windshield and rotted windshield frame.
                              2. Fix leak
                              3. Replace front passenger side 2 peice axle with 1 peice tj axle (inner)
                              4. fix dent in front of rear wheel which appeared after loaning vehicle to "freind"
                              5. Install new rear bumper and tire carrier that took 4 months to come.
                              6. replace flares.
                              7. Install safari rack that has been rusting in my back yard for 2 years

                              want to do list

                              1. Warn axle disconnect
                              2. SYE kit
                              3. D44 rear
                              4. new wilderness front bumper and winch
                              5. Neoprene seat covers front and rear
                              6. Rhinoline tub
                              7. front lock right

                              if I win the lotto to do list

                              1. Chevy V8 (edelbrock FI engine)
                              2. NP4500 trans
                              3. Atlas II transfer case
                              4. D60 rear and D44 front with soft lockers