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  • 304 vs 350

    Ok so the cam berrings on the 304 are shot.
    Rebuild time or I can get a chevy 350 out of a 70's Nova with about 60K on the motor.
    I do have new headers, manifold, carb, ect. for the 304. But I am starting to wonder if it is worth going through all that again just to stay AMC.
    The swap I think would be about the same price but feel free to correct me if I am wrong.
    Thanks for the input.

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    Oh, man...

    Don't do it, Rat!


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      Sorry Morgan, I gotta disagree. Keeping the 304 may make you feel better about originality, but it's just not as reliable as a SBC, it doesn't have the ease of parts availability like the SBC, and parts are way cheaper for the SBC. I like original jeeps as much as the next guy, but when it comes time to replace stuff, do it with better parts.


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        Thats kinda my thought. I would Love to keep the 304 but this would be the second chuck of money going for {nastalga}sp.
        Just think blackwater I will have some almost new 304 parts for sale

        Do you think I am right about the cost of the swap.
        I would need new headers, motor mounts and a adaptor plate for the trans.
        the SBC was a auto so also need a flywheel and clutch stuff.

        thanks guys


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          Don't know of the costs of repair v.s. swap. The swap may be more expensive, but less headache in the long run. Honestly, I'd consider running an auto behind the 350 and not worring about the clutch stuff. Or, consider switching the current tranny out for a nice bombproof SM465. They can be found cheap, will still be a manual (with a super nice, super low 1st gear) and can be easily adapted to the t-case. Just some thoughts.


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            the poor old 304...

            Originally posted by willness33 View Post
            Sorry Morgan, I gotta disagree...
            Oh, GOD, Will...Come ON, man. I've got to take the liberal stand here. (Did I just WRITE that?) I don't care how much it costs Rat to keep his 304. I only know what I want...there is no logic...there is no reason...I just want Rat to keep the 304. I'll start protests and make promises I can't keep.

            I know you gave him sound advice, and Rat knows it, too. I'm just sentimental that way.

            Rat, FUBAR did this swap and kept his old drive train, I believe. He posted up on the details sometime back. Mcodrake did it, too, but unfortunately, someone ran him off the board. You might find him over on webwheeling, though. Good luck with the swap if that's what you decide to do...traitor...


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              Chevy small block and a/t all the way. Much cheaper to build and maintain than anything else 'cep free


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                Blackwater I argee with you the only reason am even considering keeping the 304 is it came with the jeep in 78 and has been a great motor until about 2 years ago.
                I like the auto idea thats what I have in the YJ and it works great.
                time for beer and thinking. thanks again all


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                  the sbc is the most universal motor ever and if you break down in some backwoods you can probably find someone with parts for it... on the other hand, what goodies do you have for the 304 ? im gonna run mine 'till i blow it up and then go sbc.....


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                    So thats what happened to mcodrake...

                    Yes, the SBC is a reliable, cheap powerplant.

                    It is also a WMBE...worlds most boring engine. I went to a car show...saw a beautiful Ford Model A...with a Chevy 350. Over a bit was a sweet 37 Dodge truck...with a 350. Freaking over used in my opinion.

                    Is it better than the 304? Heck yeah.

                    What about a nice EFI 302?

                    A 4.3 chev V6 is the same swap as the SBC with better economy. Ok, yes, it is a 350 missing two cylinders...but it is NOT a 350!

                    Now...that tirade, I like the 5.7 Vortec in my Suburban...even if it is a 350.

                    Sheesh...I just can't escape from the WMBE...they appear EVERYWHERE!!

                    Just one question for my bro Rat....

                    Hows it going to affect your emissions?

                    Ya know...if yer gonna hammer on your engine, and possably blow it up 'wheeling...maybe a 350 is the way to go... Vrrooommmmm...BAM! Yeah! Another on bites the dust!!


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                      I'd keep the 304. There are alot more 350's in the junkyard then 304's. I've had more problems with my bowtie then my 304. I beat the S**T out of my 304 racing. There's guys wrenchin on chevy's between every race. Not the AMC's. Just my 2 pennies. It was cheaper to build a 304 long block then gettin a 350 plus an adapter for the tranny.


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                        Originally posted by Upper1 View Post
                        There are alot more 350's in the junkyard then 304's.

                        Hmm, Maybe because there were like 10 times more 350s made than 304s over the years?

                        Seriously though, I have only one piece of advice:

                        Don't let anyone else make the decision for you, pick what YOU want and never look back.

                        When the 4 cly died, I stuck with an AMC mill and swapped in a 258 because it was a Jeep motor. Now I am finishing up the second motor swap. This time I went with a 4.3L V6. It isn't even running yet and I am already much much happier with it.

                        I know it is letting an intangible be the driver behind an economic decision, but honestly, It's your Jeep. If economics were the only factors, none of us would own CJs.


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                          Originally posted by tracraym View Post
                          Hmm, Maybe because there were like 10 times more 350s made than 304s over the years?

                          . This time I went with a 4.3L V6. It isn't even running yet and I am already much much happier with it.


                          So what's the latest on your project?


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                            Originally posted by NOCHEEPGAS View Post

                            So what's the latest on your project?

                            I still need to finish the exhaust, and put the new oil pan/skid plate combo on the motor, then turn the key.

                            I know, so close I can taste it, but I have not had a good chance to work on it in months.


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                              i started with a 258, then went 304. then went 350. if i'd have done the 350 in the first place it would have saved me about three grand.