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  • Converting a CJ6 to power steering

    My buddy John has a nice '75 CJ6 with manual steering, and he really really wants to convert it to power steering. He thinks that the Flaming River setup is really his only, or best way to go. Flaming river is really nice, but SO expensive, and I think there must be a less expensive alternative. Was factory power steering available for this year? If so, would it be the same as a CJ5? Is it a fab job? I have a power steeing unit and mounting brackets from a 79 CJ7, and it clearly isn't a bolt-on job. Anybody have any experience or knowledge with this? Thanks.

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    You were right about the non bolt-on mounting brackets. The early ones are totally different than the 1976up deal. The columns can be used as they stand with the right steering shaft or can be switched fairly easy if you get the 76 up pedal assembly and column as a unit. Georges Jeep Parts in Miss. has a company making correct brackets and is selling them at
    1-601-542-0013 With those brackets I believe you go to the 76later box and we sell a Borgansen steering 4WD part# 904 that will hook it up the power
    steering box.


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      That's great! So do I understand right, the Borgansen shaft #904 will work with the stock '75 steering column, and the '76 and later PS box? And if he decides to change to a '76 or later steering column, do they make one for that or will he just use the '76 or later shaft? It's length I'm wondering about; the ends obviously will match up. I offered him my old steering box (I said it was a 79, but it's from an 86. I'm driving the 79! Duh! But other than the hose connection, I thing they're the same), but he turned it down cause it wouldn't fit, but now I think he'll reconsider! Thanks a lot Woody!